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Spare no efforts to help flood affected people

Dozens of people have been martyred, scores others wounded and thousands of houses destroyed completely or damaged partially, when heavy rains sparked torrents of water and massive flooding in some parts of the country’s northern and central provinces, the worst hit Baghlan and Badakhshan provinces. In Baghlani Jadid district of Baghlan province alone, up to 1,500 homes had been damaged or destroyed and more than 90 people died in the heaviest flash floods happened in the province, according to an exact report from the IOM emergency response lead citing figures from the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority. Other local sources of the country, confirmed that hundreds of our fellow citizens have succumbed to the calamitous floods In the country’s northeastern Badakhshan province, central Ghoor province, rains, few days ago, also caused heavy damage. However, emergency personnel of the Islamic Emirate, have been deployed to the affected areas and were rushing to rescue injured and stranded people. This is a fact that, our country — which had a relatively dry winter, making it more difficult for the soil to absorb rainfall — is highly vulnerable to climate change and the nation which is ravaged by decades of war, has become the poorest in the world and the worst prepared to face the consequence of global warming. So, there is a need for both the national and international aid agencies to rush for cooperation with the affected people in the flooded areas. The whole nation should join hand and collected money to assist families affected by flash flood in the provinces, where most of them have lost all or parts of their properties and livestock, due to the unprecedented floods, washed out scores of villages in the said provinces. Likewise, the charitable people of the country, including national traders did much for the earthquake affected people last year in the country’s southern Paktika and Khost provinces, as well as Herat in the west, which have become very effective. So, they should once again join hands to do something effective for the people who have severely affected by the recent destructive floods. We have the responsibility to take the hands of our people, even by collecting a small amount of cash or providing clothing and other house materials to the still vulnerable people in the affected or the areas feared to face the rainfall and flood risk.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.