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Some media reflect wrong images from Afghanistan, OIC delegation

KABUL: A delegation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) led by Deputy Secretary General Tariq Ali Bakheet, in a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi, said that social media outlets reflect Afghanistan’s negative image to the world, Arg said in a statement the other day. Assuring further cooperation with Afghanistan in various fields, the OIC Deputy Secretary General Ali Bakheet said: “We have seen the best developments in Afghanistan and this is the opposite of the image that is reflected in the social media outlets about Afghanistan.” “The Organization is scheduled to sign contracts with The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (Türk Ýþbirliði ve Koordinasyon Ýdaresi Baþkanlýðý, TÝKA) and Azerbaijan’s development institutions and Afghanistan will be at the forefront of these development issues,” the statement quoted Bakheet as saying. Welcoming the OIC delegation, the Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi said that Afghanistan is moving from war to governance, so the assistance of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is needed in various fields and emphasized that the representative of the Islamic Emirate should attend the next meeting of the organization in Gambia, the statement added. It is the policy of the Islamic Emirate that no one will be threatened from Afghan soil, said Mawlavi Hanafi Adding, we are focusing on an economy-centric policy and do not interfere in internal affairs of any country, but we also ask other countries not to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. Based on another report, the Acting Foreign Minister Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi met the Assistant Secretary General and OIC Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Tariq Ali Bakheet, and his accompanying delegation, here in Kabul. Addressing the meeting Muttaqi said that bloodshed ended in the country, countrywide security has been ensured, Daesh has been eliminated, as well as women’s actively participating in health, education, commerce, and other fields and IEA leader pays special attention to ensuring women’s basic rights, providing assistance to widows, orphans and disabled and so on. Ali Bakheet conveying greetings of the OIC Secretary General said that his visit is part of the strategy of the Organization’s constructive engagement with Afghanistan. Praising the efforts and progress made by the IEA in countering narcotics and corruption, ensuring security and other areas, Bakheet said that there is a need for direct engagement and understanding between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and OIC member states. The Executive Director of the OIC’s Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission, Dr. Noura Alrshoud appreciated the progress and opportunities made by the IEA in ensuring peace, stability and good governance. Also, the organization’s Director General of Cultural, Social and Family Affairs, Dr. Amina Alhajri presented information about the planned projects in various fields and showed readiness to provide assistance in line with Afghanistan’s priorities. In the meantime, the Executive Director of Women Development, Dr. Afnan Alshuaibi said “The situation observed in Afghanistan is different from the image reflected in foreign media and appreciated the opportunities provided by the government in the fields of education, health and business.” Assuring comprehensive cooperation on behalf of the IEA, FM Muttaqi said that we are ready to extend support to the OIC in all issues affecting the Islamic world, including the Palestinian cause. According to another report, the deputy of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Tariq Ali Bakheet met with the Acting Minister of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Shaikh Mohammad Khalid Hanafi. In the meeting, Ali Bakheet praised the ministry’s efforts in combating vices in Afghanistan. “Media propaganda about the violation of women’s rights in Afghanistan is incorrect,” Ali Bakheet said, adding that they believe in positive relations with the IEA and assured their continued cooperation with Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Shaikh Mohammad Khalid Hanafi said that in the past three years, the Islamic Emirate has obtained the rights of thousands of deserving women and granted them. Since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, the practice of giving women in marriage against their will has been eliminated, said Hanafi. Amanullah

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