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Social media campaign for lasting peace in Afghanistan

Thousands of social media users have launched a hashtag under the title “Stop the Afghan war” since last few days. To send their message for ceasing of war and bringing peace in the country, these groups have used social media including Facebook, Instagram, twitter and so on to raise their voices.
These users of social media ask the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban who are at present main warring parties in the country to stop war as quick as possible and turn to peace talks. They point out that both parties should give sacrifice for peace, if its releasing of Taliban prisoners by the government or announcing of a full and permanent ceasefire by Taliban.
The media campaign to stop current war in the country has been staged by a number of countrymen and women at a time that peace talks have seen no tangible progress in recent days as both sides have been fighting each other in different provinces of the country.
This is a clear issue that in the last over forty years, war and bloodshed have inflicted heavy casualties upon Afghan masses and the country’s people have deep pains and grievance which ceasing of war and achieving peace constitute their only political- spiritual demand.
The Taliban are required to give positive reply to this legitimate request of our suffering people and immediately return to peace talks table and lead the negotiation to a positive conclusion. Continuing violence would bring nothing to them, except further devastation of the country.
The Afghan government has raised its peace-loving voice repeatedly using different occasions and even the country’s politicians too asking Taliban to come to peace talks. President Ghani has also repeatedly asked Taliban to render positive responses to voice of peace which is a common national, regional and global demand and give up war and violence, pave the way for a safe and sound environment in the country.
The Afghan president has even declared that he is ready to organize early election in which he would not be a candidate, as well as he is ready to resign earlier from his position for realization of this big dream of the Afghan people.
If we study the stances of the Afghan government either under ex-president Hamid Karzai or under incumbent president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the country’s leaders have time and again expressed many devotions and sacrifices for peace, and they should have done it, because despite of its shortages and failures, the governments have been set up by the vote of Afghan people and have been officially recognized as the real representative of people throughout the world.
Reciprocally, the Taliban as a warmonger group have always and repeatedly answered this demand of Afghan people and government with bullet and increasing violence and have shown no considerable respect to this important issue. Since the group is neither the representative of Afghan people nor they believe in the future and national interests of their territory, therefore such a reply to the masses’ will can be predicated.
Meanwhile, the Taliban group indicated that they attach more importance to national interests of Pakistan than that of Afghanistan, because in one hand Pakistan is considered as one of the founding countries of Taliban movement and on other hand, has been managing and leading this group directly, even with technical and financial supports from ISI.
To address the legitimate demands of the Afghan masses, both the warring parties should give positive response to request of social media which is in fact interpreter of Pan Afghan people and return to peace talks without wasting the opportunity.
No peace in nowhere of the world has been achieved simply, but there were and are flexibility of both parties. Therefore, the parties should focus attention on this issue and give sacrifice in the cause of achieving peace. Ultimately, they should fold the scroll of over forty years devastating war with signing of a peace agreement and meet the long standing dream of the Afghan people which is lasting peace in their country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.