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Snowfall in Kabul; citizens feeling blessed

KABUL: Kabul and other provinces of the country have since long been deprived of enough rain and snowfall, with the residents fearing to face another harsh year of drought, since the last more than two years of the government. Recently, a relatively heavy snowfall happened in the country’s capital Kabul and some other provinces of the country on Saturday, making the Afghan citizens optimistic for a blessed fu ture. Ahmad Shah, a Kabul resident told The Kabul Times that he has now felt blessed for seeing an end to the long drought as the fresh snowfall happened. “I am really happy for the snowfall which is the blessing of Allah Almighty and I believe that a drought will not happen in the upcoming year,” he said. Other provinces of the country have also witnessed heavy and hopeful snowpack, making the residents happy for the removal of air and environmental pollution. Narrating the heavy snowfalls in other provinces of the country, another Kabul resident, Husnul Sawab who is from the country’s northern province of Badakhsan said that nearly a month ago, snow and rain happened in the province. “We would be hopeful for a blessing forthcoming year and fertility of agriculture products in our province and all over the country if more similar snow and rains happen after nearly two dried months of the ongoing winter,” said Sawab who raised his hands to pray for a tranquil and peaceful country. The related organs of the Islamic Emirate, particularly, the Kabul Municipality called on the entire Kabul residents not to throw snow in the public areas and collect and accumulate the snow of their roofs inside their yards and let it melt gradually to enrich the underground waters. The Kabul Municipality is itself working hard to gather the snowpack in the catchment areas in a bid to help increase the underground resources. On the other hand, the municipality has also launched a campaign of snow removal from the trees’ branches and accumulating snow around the tree stocks or throwing them inside dug ditches. The citizens should also practice the method to avoid the loss of snow water on one side and help enrich the country’s underground waters on th

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.