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Snow enriches underground water source

“Kabul can survive without gold, but it cannot survive without snow” or so the saying from the primitive goes.
With nearly a week of light and heavy snowfalls, the Kabul citizens’ worries about the capital’s dwindling water supply have diminished.
The country’s meteorologists are optimistic about continued future precipitation within the current winter.
Kabul citizens awoke to a blanket of thick snow last week — however some melted away — with their excited children celebrating the good gift and the farmers becoming hopeful about fertility in agricultural products in
the consequently drought affected country. Snow is the most important resource for water, as it brings a
little reprieve in water shortage in the city and without it wouldn’t be simply possible to cope, a Kabul citizen.
“The weather was much polluted, we couldn’t walk or breathe and today we are very happy for the clean weather and snow, so we celebrated it,” Ahmad Suhail, a Kabul resident told The Kabul Times.
Suhail hoped that besides reducing pollution, the snow will positively affect the upcoming year’s agriculture.
Fawad Sahib, another Kabul citizen also expressed happiness about the recent snowfall and said they didn’t want the weather to be polluted again and wanted the future of the country’s agriculture to be very good.
He asked the government to take good plans about the reduction of pollution and how the related organs are able to reserve the gradually melting snows.
“The rain and snow fight droughts and positively affect the upcoming year’s agriculture as well,” said Nadim Ahmad another Kabul resident.
However, cold weather will not be good news for the poor people who have nothing eat and enough fuel to burn and keep themselves warm.
In the same time, the  Emirate of Afghanistan announced that they will provide assistances including food items for the poor citizens and the immigrants.
Meantime, Afghanistan Meteorological Department (AMD) has predicted heavy rainfall and snowfall in some part of the country.
It said that there was more chances of rain and snowfall in some southern and northern zones such as Khost, Paktia, Logar, Nangarhar, Laghman, Panjshir, Nuristan, Kunar and Badakhshan provinces as anticipated on January 7 and 8.
Up to 30 millimeter rain and 30 centimeter snowfall, a statement from the department, expected to fall in the said areas, with the possibility of flash flood in some areas.
Decades of conflicts have left much of the water system’s infrastructure badly damaged or destroyed while the IEA has pledged to do more to refurbish all of the country’s infrastructures.
Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.