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Single approach essential for peace talks

Intra-Afghan peace dialogues are due to be started. These dialogues are part of US-Taliban agreement which is said to be signed by both sides at the end of February in Doha, the capital of Qatar.
The political forces and parties who are expected to attend the dialogue from the address of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan are required to adopt a single stance and defend the lofty interests of the system and citizens of the republic. The politicians, parties and movements who are present under the umbrella of the system based on the constitution are required to unify their opinions and ideas and close their position prior to embark the talks.
One of the parties of intra-Afghan talks are individuals and political parties who defend the republic system based on the constitution.
Following his return from Munich Security Conference, the president held immediate consultations with government and civil society authorities, aiming to reach a single opinion on peace talks and establish a durable peace in the war-torn country. The goal behind these meetings is that all politicians and political parties of the republic territory reach a united stance.
Afghanistan is in urgent need of consensus of all forces in the republic system so to defend the lofty interests of Afghan people and intra-Afghan dialogue be led to a direction that our lofty national interest is not harmed.
The Afghanistan Election Commission has announced the final result of the presidential election and declared Mohammad Ashraf Ghani as the president. However some electoral teams, in particular the team led by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah rejected the decision and warned against the consequences of the result.
Since Afghanistan has been in crucial time where the militants are signing deal with the US on a possible peace in the country, it is of immense important for all parties and political groups that align their goals with that of the new government and pave the way for development of the country.
Afghanistan is no longer in a position to tolerate instability or any post-election crisis. A unified stance of all the strata of the society and a single, inclusive and comprehensive peace plan is essential for the success of talks. A unified and single approach towards peace and consensus among all political forces in the republican territory would certainly benefit the Pan Afghan people.
Otherwise separation and disagreement would never be in the benefit of public interests and the constitutional system, achievements and values would be no longer protected.
Taliban could abuse such separation and disagreement in their benefit, the experience of Moscow meeting will be repeated in which politicians of republican territory left the scene in favor of the system opponents.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.