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Significant increase in passport distribution in Kunar province

Significant facilities have been provided to passport recipients, and over 2300 passports have been distributed this year in the country’s eastern province of Kunar, officials said in the Passport Department of the Province. The Kunar’s Passport Head Hezbullah Qane says that not only have facilities been provided in Kunar for passport distribution, but the share of passport distribution for the province has also increased even further, distributing 100 passports daily. According to him, 9 million Afghanis have been deposited into the state treasury from passport sales in the past year. “From February until now, we have distributed 2,300 passports in Kunar province, collecting a revenue of 9 million Afghanis from selling these passports. We distribute 100 passports daily, and this process has been carried out with great transparency,” Qani shared. However, passport recipients complain about delays in passport processing in the province and ex press dissatisfaction with the process since they cannot receive their passports for months. Therefore, they ask the responsible organs to accelerate the process. “I registered online long ago but have not undergone the biometric process yet. I hope the authorities pay serious attention to this issue so that problems can be addressed and passports can be made available to the applicants promptly,” said Shoaib, a passport recipient. “The personnel of the Passport Department needs to be increased. And the faster this process is carried out, the more beneficial it will be. As soon as the passports went online, I registered. But my turn has not arrived yet,” said Zarmak Khan, another passport recipient. Furthermore, some individuals praise the efforts made by the Islamic Emirate authorities in providing passports in Kunar province and claim that the officials at the Islamic Emirate have taken strict measures to prevent corruption. Munir Ahmad Tanwir

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.