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Significant drop on drugs, gold trafficking, ministry

KABUL: A significant drop on trafficking of gold, cash and drugs has been seen at the Kabul Airport over the past 8 months since the Islamic Emirate takeover of the country, last year, the Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation (MTCA) said the other day.
The ministry has taken steps to prevent these assets from being trafficked outside Afghanistan, adding that they have scanners and a committed team for the job, the spokesman of the ministry, Imamuddin Ahmadi told media.
“There are security forces deployed by the Ministry of Interior and other related security institutions and they prevent the trafficking.
As the ministry reports the significant drop on gold trafficking, analysts said the drop was expected as international flights to and from Kabul has widely reduced since last August. “There are no flights and there are only flights to Tehran and Moscow a political analyst Wali Frozan explained in an interview with Tolonews TV channel adding it was natural then that the trafficking will be stopped in such a situation.
Another analyst Najibullah Jami credited the Islamic Emirate for playing role in controlling drug trafficking in and out of Afghanistan, saying such a drop shows the decisive intent of the government.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.