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Significant achievements of IEA’s two-years rule

After a few days, two years of the Islamic Emirate’s rule over Afghanistan will be completed. In mid-August 2021, the long and arduous 20-year struggle of the Afghan nation under the Islamic Emirate’s (IEA) leadership reached its conclusion. The invaders accepted a shameful defeat, the tyranny of oppressive tyrants was ended, and with Allah’s support, the beloved country’s independence and freedom were achieved. Nearly two years have passed since the Islamic Emirate took control of Afghanistan. Although the international community has not recognized the Islamic Emirate due to pressure from the West, particularly the United States, the Islamic Emirate has achieved significant success in the last two years of its. Simultaneously with the rule of the Islamic Emirate, ideal security was ensured countrywide, and life, happiness, justice, and safety replaced murder, kidnapping, extortion, and fear. Now every Afghan pursues their life without any fear. Despite minimal resources and facilities, the Islamic Emirate could manage to ensure unprecedented security across the country. Establishing a strong central government is another significant success achieved by the Islamic Emirate. However, during the occupation, foreigners provided considerable support and resources, but the leader lacked the authority and mandate to dismiss a governor and local official. But after the Islamic Emirate takeover, the country was revitalized, local warlords and powerful rulers disappeared, and a robust central government now governs the entire country. In addition to the international economic limitations, the Islamic Emirate could manage to initiate some significant infrastructure projects and finance them from the national budget, including the Qosh Tepa canal project, extraction of Qashqari oil, reconstruction of certain highways, and more. The Islamic Emirate is committed to developing the country’s infrastructure and strives for the nation’s self-sufficiency with all its capabilities. The country’s economic situation has also improved; the annual export level has risen from $700 million to approximately $2 billion. The value of the Afghani currency against the dollar has been well maintained, and inflation in the markets has decreased. The prices of essential goods and other necessities have decreased compared to the past. The Islamic Emirate has transformed the fight against corruption and drugs from a mere slogan into practical and tangible actions. During the occupation, Afghanistan was known as one of the most corrupt countries with high drug production and trafficking. Still, the level of corruption and drug activities has reached its lowest point. In the current judicial system, fairness and justice have replaced injustice and oppression. Now everyone can approach the judiciary without fear or cost and archive their rights. These achievements are not hollow slogans but have been confirmed by international media and significant organizations. To conclude, the Islamic Emirate has accomplished numerous achievements and successes in the last two years of its rule. However, it does not mean we should be content with these successes. Considering Afghanistan’s backward economic and civilizational situation, the Islamic Emirate shall continue to work harder in the coming years to transform our country into a self-sufficient and progressive nation like other developed countries in the world. Abu Sufia

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.