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Shortage of water facing people with problems across Afghanistan

By: Shukria Kohistani

The shortage crisis of water has created lots of problems for the people across Afghanistan. Shortage of water in Kabul and most parts of the country has faced the people with various challenges this summer.
Nimroz is among provinces which is threatened by drought; therefore, most people have no access to hygienic and drinking water.
High air temperature reaches to 50 degree Celsius in Nimroz during the summer season, which is painful and intolerable as the climate in the province is dry in summer and fall. According to residents of the province, it is difficult to find hygienic and drinking water in most parts of the province where motor cars and private water tankers are selling and providing water to people living remote areas of the province.
Residents of Zaranj, provincial capital of Nimroz, say they have to pay 10 AFG for 20 lit water and the amount is too high for most people to purchase as they are living in misery.
The underground water in Zaranj is not hygienic and cannot be drunk; therefore, they have to buy drinking water to drink. Considerable reduction in rainfalls in Afghanistan particularly in Nimroz have faced the government and the people with challenges.
Belal, a resident of Nimroz says they get access to drinking water once a week for only three hours, which is not enough for a 7-member family; therefore, he needs to spend 50 AFG to buy drinking water on daily basis.
A number of residents of Nimroz have spent nearly 10,000 AFG for installation of water purification machines to provide and maintain drinking water for their families. Purchasing and installing water pumps on their homes are another problem to fight shortage of water.
A member of Nimroz provincial council Gul Ahmad Ahmadi has told media that the crisis of shortage of water has reached its highest level due to drought and reduction in water resources in the country particularly in Nimroz province. He asked the government to urgently address the crisis in Nimroz as most people are facing with lots of challenges.
Ahmadi has also asked the provincial department of water to consider justice in distribution of the drinking water in Zaranj city. The provincial water department has dig six wells in Qala-e-Fath area in Zaranj city and it is determined that two other wells are dig to address shortage of water in the city.
Farmers in Nimroz say their agricultural fields and crops have been destroyed due to lack of water this year, and the Kamal Khan Dam has not helped them to tackle the water shortage problem as they expected.
The construction of the Kamal Khan Dam began in the solar year 1345, but due to the war it was delayed. After five decades of waiting, the dam was eventually inaugurated by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on March 24.
Kamal Khan Dam, which cost $111 million, was built on the Helmand River in the Chahar Burjak district of Nimroz province. It has the capacity to store 52 million cubic meters of water, irrigating more than 170,000 hectares of land, and generating 9 megawatts of electricity.

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