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Sharia law ensures welfare, security for community

Sharia law encompasses regulations and laws beyond the scope of sapience and mind for the welfare of individual and collective human life. Implementing these laws not only leads to prosperity and happiness, security, and development in worldly life but also ensures life after death or in the hereafter. Among these laws and regulations are Islamic penal laws, which establish social justice and security and play a significant role in preventing crimes. The critical goal and wisdom behind the implementation of these laws and regulations is to preserve the fundamental rights of humans: religion, life, intellect, lineage, honor, and property. Another goal and wisdom behind implementing penal laws is to safeguard society from destruction by severe and deadly crime storms. Individuals who commit social crimes in society are like microbes that, if they infiltrate one organ in a cancerous manner, affect other parts of the body and necessitate amputation for the salvation of the rest of the body. Another objective of enforcing the divine decree is to alleviate the significant problem of mutual slaughter among human beings and prevent internal wars and hostilities, which will result in global peace and stability. Reforming the criminal is also a wise and beneficial way of implementing the penal laws of Sharia in a way that they are deterred from future crimes by witnessing pain and punishment. Establishing justice and fairness is also a result of the implementation of these Sharia laws so that if someone takes another’s life without legal justification, their life is also taken to ensure justice. Muslims should look at the enforcement of Sharia laws from the perspective of Islamic teachings and not be influenced by the negative propaganda of Western media and organizations in this regard. If we properly enforce all Sharia regulations, I am confident that we will have a happy, stable, and prosperous society. Mohammad Nabi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.