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Shaheed Rahnuma

Memories of Jihad

Hayatullah Muhajir Farahi

Deputy Information and Culture Minister for Publication

28/2/1400 (coinciding 18/05/2021)

Our creator, Allah, is capable of doing everything!
The Holy Quran testifies that Musa (peace be upon him) fought Pharaoh with a stick (scepter) and challenged his claim of lordship.
He did not care of the Pharaoh’s throne nor the Pharaoh’s throne and crown or his (Musa’s) possible exile could force him to retreat from his decision.
The story of Abraham (Ibrahim peace be upon him) and his empty-handed resistance against Nimrud and his death by an insect – the weakest creature, is of the wonders and special masterpieces.
As a Muslim and a strong believer, I believe that the criteria for victory in war is not only the rough number of combatants, materials, means or sophisticated technology, but also Allah’s help, virtue and sincerity can also make the most important part of the battlefield for the believers who trust in Allah only.
The above short story, I made, was an introduction about the background of a modest and honest Mujahid “Rahnuma.”
I recall Mullah Faizullah Rahnuma
Yes, he is such a wonderful person and so pure and as sincere as you think and unlike others, he lived a personal life with such a level of piety that will wonder you.
Faizullah Rahnuma (Musa Kalim) is the one who lived in the burning desert of Farah province and the one who beheaded so many occupants and their slaves that no one did like him, in the western zone even in the whole country.
Shaheed Rahnuma was an expert in making mines and hiding them to target the occupants.
Using his own handmade explosives, he detonated thousands of enemies armored vehicles in Farah, Nimroz, Helmand and Uruzgan provinces.
Using his special camera, Shaheed Rahnuma had often been blowing armored vehicles of the enemy several kilometers far away from the sites.
I clearly remember that I provided Shaheed Musa Kalim with a special camera to photograph the explosions to record his works.
Making improvised explosive devices (IED) was one of Shaheed Rahnuma’s greatest initiatives who made the explosives with his own provided materials like, gunpowder and gunshots and distributed among his colleagues and other Mujahidin free of charge.
Shaheed Rahnuma used to keep away from post and position and kept away from any kinds of high positions with intolerable responsibility. I remember well that he was appointed as the chief of Chakhansur District Commission in Nimroz province but asked me to recommend him before the governor to take away this responsibility from him.
Rahnuma had a very wide work area.
When he heard reports about the enemy’s operation broke out in Farah province, he would call us to Farah as well as to Helmand, Nimroz and Uruzgan provinces.
Shaheed Rahnuma was under heavy pursuit of the Americans forces, in the province, where he and his colleagues were raided and drones struck them several times, but Allah, the Almighty saved them.
He had a simple life, although he was subjected to poverty and economic problems, but his determination and plans were strong and extraordinarily high.
Ultimately, this holy path wayfarer reached his top goal of martyrdom while hundreds of invaders and their puppets have been blown up by explosions and crippled by powerful explosions, he organized.
Sadly, he was not alive to see the end of occupation by his own eye.
May Allah accept his martyrdom

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