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Shaheed Mullah Sultan Mohammad

Memories of Jihad

Hayatullah Muhajir Farahi

Deputy Information and Culture Minister for Publication

1391/7/03 (coinciding 2012/Sep/24)

In the afternoon, I called him on the phone saying: “The enemy may be preparing for a very large and extensive attack. They will spend two or three days and then go back. After they leave, we will immediately arrive at the site.”
“Trust in Allah now, but we have made all the preparations for the war and we will see what happens,” he replied. I told him the same thing with emphasis that the foreign forces have prepared for a big operation and we do not have now enough forces and ammunitions to fight on such a large-scale offensive.
Do you know who this person was?
Yes! This Shaheed was Mullah Sultan Mohammad Saber, and I was also in charge of the military commission at that time. He had a strong determination who spent most of his life in Jihad and serving the Mujahidin.
Shaheed Mullah Sultan Mohammad Akhund, son of Sufi Khuday Raheem, the grandson of the late Nizamuddin, was a resident of Shiwan village of Balabulok district of the country’s Farah province.
Born in 1336, he was a jihadi commander during the Jihad against the Russian Red Army and during the former Islamic Emirate’s rule, he was the brigade commander in Shindand district of Herat province.
During jihad against the American occupation, he was appointed as in charge for the Jihadi operation for a while, in Farah province.
He also performed duties as the head of the provincial military commission, under the Islamic Emirate, in the province. Then, he had duties during Jihad, as an active member of the military commission in the northern zone.
One of Shaheed Mullah Sultan Mohammad Akhund’s senior sons who fought against the Russians and the American occupants with firm and strong determination and trained thousands of Mujahidin for Jihad was Mullah Mohammad Ibrahim Sabir, who was a very kind and militarily experienced Mujahid.
After the martyrdom of Mullah Mohammad Ibrahim Saber, the responsibility of his jihadi front was handed over to Mullah Mohammad Tayyab Saber, another son of Shaheed Haji Mullah Sahib, who carried out the holy jihad and religious duties very well.
He was going on the right path of Jihad was the leader of thousands of Mujahidin and a brave and pious person, finally, lost his sweet life and become an eternal martyr during an attack from the American drone in the Zirkoh area of Shindand district on the third day of the month of Mizan in the year 1391.
May his soul rest in peace.

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