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Senate unanimously approves 1398 national budget draft

KABUL: Senate of Afghanistan national assembly has unanimously approved 1398 national budget draft. In a session chaired by Senate’s chairman Fazil Hadi Muslimyar, report regarding visions, analyses and suggestions which were collected in Senate’s economy, finance and budget commission was delivered by head and members of the commission.
Based on the report, national budget draft for 2019 fiscal year is over 399 billion Afghani. The budget included over 275 billion Afghani for ordinary budget and over 124 billion Afghani for development budget. The report added that 48 percent of the budget would be provided from domestic incomes, while 52 percent of the budget would be provided from foreign sources.
According to the Senate’s national economy commission, both ordinary and development budget have reduced to nearly 14 billion Afghani comparing to the current fiscal year and the reason was the reflection of true cost in the 1398 fiscal year’s budget.
Meanwhile, in the house’s consultative opinion, senators delivered their visions in connection with the budget’s weak and strong points.
In the consultative opinion, senators’ suggestions that included uplift projects as construction of roads, schools, hospitals, establishment of manufacturing factories, protection of rivers’ fronts, construction of bridges, allocation of budget for low-developed provinces, strengthening of agriculture and health sector and others have been reflected.
The session unanimously approved the budget after the commission delivered its report regarding the house’s consultative opinion.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.