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Security forces work laudable

The only thing that can remove worries and distress from people’s minds and create a bright atmosphere is security, through which people become hopeful and the nation feels comfort, peace, and happiness. After the end of occupation, the nation is now, living in a completely safe environment, and day by day, we are witnessing important security, economic and political achievements across the country. Intelligence and security forces of the country have had big achievements in the past and especially in recent days, they arrested and handed over to the law most of those who were kidnappers, drug traffickers and those behind insecurity in the country. The intelligence and security forces’ vigilance and readiness are praiseworthy and every Afghan is thankful to them for their day and night efforts. The suffered and Mujahid people of Afghanistan bore many troubles and difficulties and experienced hard and dark days over the past forty years. But with the victory of the Islamic Emirate, all the ambitions and wishes of the hero nation were fulfilled. This nation had reached the highest peak of physical and spiritual independence and ascended to the top of glory, esteem and happiness through the efforts of the Islamic Emirate. This nation is standing by the security forces of the country and is struggling to identify the criminals, robbers, kidnappers, traffickers and those who make the country insecure. The nation is cooperating and coordinating with intelligence, defense and security forces of the country day and night to preserve the peace and security of the country. Arresting of the kidnappers in Herat, freeing several children from abductors in Faryab and other parts of the country, and also neutralizing the plans of the ones who made insecurity were all achievements which are worthy of appreciation. We are hopeful that the security and defense forces of the country create a trustable space more and more and make more relationships with people and provide all the grounds for development and promotion to the nation so that they can live in a secure and peaceful space and our country can step to the comfort and prosperity.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.