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Security forces should detain irresponsible armed men

Police and other security forces are the enforcing law personnel who make their best efforts for security and tranquility of the people. Therefore, firing and killing these people considers as invasion to public interests and national treason. The people who commit such crimes and national treason should be dealt seriously.
BNA security affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: ministry of interior has started the detaining of irresponsible people since yesterday that by weapon and force have violated many enforced laws in the country.
The spokesperson of ministry of interior gives a definition from armed irresponsible persons as follow: the people who by point of gun are exhorting the property of people and breach the laws are irresponsible people.
This definition confirms what have done by Tamim Shansab or have said addressing to Tamim Wardak .
The exhorter, besides not cooperating police in enforcing law, but firing on police, with his armed men fought against security forces for 24 hours killing a policeman injured six others.
He who had earlier managed a security company, have committed violations and misused power. He had dared to commit such heavy crimes because of his family affiliation to a former high-ranking military police officer.
The recent incident has put the military authorities; enforce law agencies and judicial organization in a great examination. Considering the definition made by ministry of interior from irresponsible armed people, how will they deal with this armed and powerful man?
The security forces have earlier detained rogue and powerful men from other parts of the country but the program was not extensive. The presence of armed irresponsible people is more tangible in Kabul than any other parts of the country. The example of which was the brutal and inhumane dealing of an irresponsible armed man in Haji Yaquob Square. There are also other people exploiting ethnical and language affiliations usurp people’s properties.
We hope ministry of interior and other security organs with in an extensive way without any exception to do away the evil of irresponsible people. Nothing should deter the ministry from detaining and punishing the rogue irresponsible people in order to meet the demands of people in that regard.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.