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Security entities should prevent collapse of Takhar, Badakhshan provinces, Senate

By: Suraya Raiszada

Since a while, a number of Northern provinces such as Takhar and Badakhshan have been witnessing insecurities.
Expressing concern over deteriorating security situation in these provinces, a number of senators say that security entities should step up to prevent collapse of them.
A Badakhshan province senator Hussaini said that Kishm district of Badakhshan province was facing security threats and might collapse soon.
He added there are enough forces in Badakhshan but they lack weaponries in a bid to prevent insecurities in these provinces.
Thus, security entities should pay serious heed and put an end to people’s concerns in these provinces, he went on to say.
First deputy to senate speaker Mohammad Alam Eizedyar asked security entities to step up in the respect so Takhar and Badakhshan provinces don’t face the destiny faced by Kunduz and Ghazni.
To ensure security of Northern provinces, senators asked for coordination among the security entities.
Another senator Urfan said that Taliqan city has been affected from four sides, a few units of public order battalion related to the province have been sent to its neighboring provinces and if the Taliban attack, there is not enough forces to defend there.
A university lecturer Hashimi says that current Afghan war will stop when international consensus is established for ensuring peace and the warring-sides are willing for peace talks, otherwise, Afghan security forces’ reaction should be cleared against them.
He added the people of Afghanistan know that their security forces are the real defenders of this land, therefore, they should always support them so they can succeed in the battlegrounds.
Lauding honest fighting of the Afghan security forces against terrorism, he added we are the witness of their capability, but they should enjoy enough weaponries so to be able to thwart the enemy’s attacks throughout the country.
An expert Nawid Elham says that Northern provinces enjoy importance from any points, thus, the government should prevent the insurgents’ influence in there.
Military experts stress that Takhar and Badakhshan provinces are North’s security gate and they are broken, northern provinces’ security would get worsened.
A military expert Omar Safi said that we expected the security forces to make effort to ensure security in Takhar and Badakhshan provinces, because, terrorists are making effort to overcome security forces and achieve a strategic victory. This comes as the ministry of defense has recently reported about imposing heavy casualties on those insurgent groups that are not willing to join peace process.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.