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Scholars’ view on womens rights in Islam

“Islam, on one hand, shares kindness to women; on the other hand, it provides them with human and religious value,” said Qari Gulbaddin Qanid, an Afghan religious scholar in an interview with The Kabul Times adding that in the religion of Islam women are given a lot of rights and privileges.
According to the scholar, Islam improved the status of a woman in society and stressed the virtue of women seeing her as a human being. She was assigned of religious rituals so that she becomes responsible for her deeds and by doing following the teaching of Islam and for her good actions she becomes qualified to enter the enteral abode, the paradise.
He added that the holy religion of Islam made men and women the most valuable creatures and piety and goodness became the parameter of superiority and virtue.
Similarly, God has termed four women superior to most of human beings; Merry, the mother of Jesus, Asiya, the wife of Pharaoh, Hazrat Khadijah, the wife of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) and Fatima, the daughter of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).
“No religion has ever given the women, who is a mother, such a status but Islam. There are many teachings about the position and role of a mother in Islam and God has mentioned her after his worshipping,” he added saying that Islam has also given her respect and grace as being a daughter. Before the advent of Islam, daughters were condemned in the society and were not welcomed in homes.
They would be considered a sign of shame and humiliation for the family. Even they would be ashamed to join her in food and a daughter would be considered a reason of poverty.
Therefore, she would be buried alive. The most important aspect of Islam for protecting women was it protected her from being buried alive. Allah Almighty says, “And when the female infant buried alive shall be questioned.”
The religion of Islam has termed the birth of a daughter a gift from God, “He may bestow daughters to whomever He wills.” [Al-Quran]
Mawlavi Imamudding, another Afghan religious scholar said that Islam is superior to any other religion on the face of earth regarding the status of world and has rewarded high position to a woman.
He added that women have more role in caring for children than men in order to provide better persons to the society.
According to him, bride price, right to select life partner, right to work, right to seeking knowledge and education and all the other rights belonging to women are listed in the teachings of Islam. All of them are the true rights of those women who live in Islamic countries.
Sharifa, a private school teacher in Kabul city, told The Kabul Times that Islam is the holiest religion in the world. The rights that Islam has considered for a woman and no other religion can be compared to Islam in this regard.
According to Sharia, in western countries women are used as tools. In most of the advertisement, for instance, women are showcased that in itself is a humiliation and disgrace to the status of women. However, in the Islamic countries women have been given all the rightful human rights and privileges.



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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.