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Save water as critical drought ahead

Water shortages are critically felt across the world, with experts warning over the harsh drought ahead. While using water, particularly the underground, one should be cautious.
Afghanistan, is also among those countries, critically suffering water scarcity due to consecutive droughts over the last several years.
People in the capital Kabul said that they have no access to water. Wells are dried up and farmlands are abandoned and unirrigated. “Hundreds of water-wells are dried up across the country, particularly in the capital Kabul with most of the residents having no access to portable water,” a Kabul resident, Sayed Muktar told The Kabul Times.
Also, in the provinces, he said when he was in his Badakhshan province, most of the farmers complained about their rain-fed farmlands which remained unirrigated as there is no rainfall for the last several months.
A Kabul citizen Haji Tella Mohammad blamed some of his neighbors for not paying attention to the issue of water shortage in the capital.
“Some households wash their cars, wash the surface of their courtyards and even they unfairly shower waters all over their nearby dusty streets. This is very bad.
They should be cautious about water and understand that how water is nowadays, the most there important for the world,” he said. Haji Tella who has just come from Saudi Arabia explained that how the people use water there and how cautious they are about water. “I spent more than 15 years in Saudi Arabia.
There, people were using water whenever most needed. They never waste water,” he added. The country’s ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock has also expressed concern about the ongoing drought and said if the people are not cautious in spending water, the country will face harsh problems in the near future.
On the other hand, the related organs of the Islamic Emirate should do their best to hire educated, experienced and professional cadres in this field, as consultation with them will lead to better management of water in the country.
Anywhere, they should have control and whenever see some people spending water unfairly, the relevant officials should fine them or even take the violators to detention centers, as there is the issue of the fate of the people and the country.
The people should also do their best to use water properly and prevent wastes whenever happening. Wasting of water is also prevented by the Islamic religion. It ordered people to save water as it is the main source of life.
A verse of the Holy Quran guides; Almighty Allah says: “We appointed water to be the source of life for all [earthy] creatures.” Taking in mind the noble guidance of the Almighty Allah, we should try our best to save water for ourselves and prevent others from wasting “the main source of life.”
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.