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Saur 7; the beginning of Afghanistan’s miseries

Saur 7 coinciding with April 27 is a notorious event in the history of Afghanistan. The appalling and atrocious event, which was carried out by the so-called People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) and overthrew the Daud Khan government, established a black point in the country’s history. Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan who had himself reached power as a result of a coup in 1978 and established an autocratic system, was executed along with most of his family members by Khalqi or People Party militias in the former Soviet Union backed carried out the coup, at the Arg, the country’s Presidential Palace and then his supporters were also purged and killed by the communist atheists. Actually, the Saur revolution was the beginning point of wars and bloodshed in Afghanistan, as 35 years after the shameful coup, Afghans are still facing hardship in various fields. However, the oneparty government of Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan was not in favor of the Afghans, as a dictatorship never reached its goal nor won the people trust. Anyway, besides the 7th of Saur (Saur Revolution), and 8th of Saur, the jihadi leaders’ taking over the communist party on 28 April 1992 caused a mishap and brought the tragic situation to the country and both caused the death and injury of millions of people and displacement and migration of millions of others. Supporters of both 7th and 8th Saur, raised their voices to serve the people and they were apparently promising good wills for the country but the goals were not realized as they were lying to the people, and only aiming to work for their foreign donors. The people of Afghanistan condemn the reprehensible Saur 7 with all its aspects and the negative aftermath of Saur 8 that added to the crimes and atrocities of the ensuing regimes. Because none of them followed the will of the Muslim people of Afghanistan, nor they did anything for the benefit of the Afghans and in the interest of the country. The Afghans are only happy for the withdrawal of the former Soviet Union forces from Afghanistan. The then and ensuing regimes, after the coup did nothing except seeking the division of the Afghans in language, race, ethnic, tribe, etc. But, fortunately, they didn’t reach their aims and the people of Afghanistan foiled all their conspiracies and preserved their unity and brotherhood. None of the two days represents the will of the people and the worst one is the so-called Jihadi leaders who defamed Jihad by killing, injuring and causing the migration of millions of Afghans abroad, besides destroying all infrastructures of the country. Now, we need our country to develop, the Afghan nation to reach their essential rights of health, work, education and Islamic-Shariabased freedom. The people of Afghanistan ask the Islamic Emirate to do its best to uproot disunity and discords, ensure justice and restore a real Omari system, after the failure of the past puppet regimes to serve the people, besides flowing billions of U.S. dollars to Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.