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Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian aid continues to Afghanistan

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been a friend of Afghanistan and its people for decades. The country has had close relations with Afghanistan during various periods of time in the past. Friendly relations of the people of Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia have a high and long-standing historical. The country’s continued cooperation with Afghanistan shows the depth of their relationship between the two brotherly nation.
In its recent move, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has informed of providing a grant of $30 million to support the Afghanistan Humanitarian Trust Fund (AHTF). The grant is part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian and relief efforts, as well as its effective and leading role in providing all forms of assistance to “brotherly and friendly” countries.
As Afghanistan is facing with humanitarian crisis caused by severe drought and increasing unemployment of its population, the announcement of the grant by Saudi Arabia is considered as a big support and contribution to the people of Afghanistan.
It has the goal of ameliorating Afghan people’s suffering and reducing the risks of deteriorating critical humanitarian situations and potential economic meltdown in Afghanistan, which could jeopardize regional and international peace and stability.
This grant is a continuation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s support for several projects in Afghanistan over the past decades, including humanitarian, health, educational, water, and food security projects totaling more than 1 billion Saudi Arabia Riyals, as part of its responsibility and role in bringing security and prosperity to Afghanistan and its people.
Meanwhile, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of the Islamic Emirate praised Saudi Arabia for the aid to Afghanistan. Abdul Qahar Balkhi, a spokesperson to ministry of foreign affairs, in a tweet hoped the aid would expand relations between Kabul and Riyadh.
“Saudi Arabia has always stood by the people of Afghanistan in difficult situations. We hope this will further strengthen relations between the two countries,” he tweeted.
Providing the grant shows close friendly relationship between the two brotherly and Muslim countries. Afghanistan has always wants close and friendly relationship with the world countries and friendship of the Saudi Arabia with Afghanistan is very important as both are the Muslim and brotherly countries.
It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia’s $30 Million pledge comes in coordination with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which has been praised the for working to connect Afghanistan to the outside world.
Abdul Latif al Fazli

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