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Sanctions on Afghanistan unjust, unfair act, says Mujahid

For more than two years, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has faced severe worldwide sanctions imposed by the United States. The Islamic Emirate deems these sanctions as unjust and oppressive, advocating for their elimination. According to the spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate, there is an unfair approach from the United Nations and certain countries, applying pressure that contradicts the terms of the Doha Agreement. Zabihullah Mujahid believes that the continuation of these sanctions serves no party’s interests and urges an end to the pressures on Afghanistan. “Unfortunately, Afghanistan is being dealt with unjustly, especially by the United Nations and countries with a significant role in this organization. They are still in an aggressive posture, attempting to confront the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Although the commitments in the Doha agreement were that sanctions should be lifted,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate. The Islamic Emirate has consistently stated that these sanctions are detrimental to the people of Afghanistan, pushing them towards poverty. With the transformation of the system, the people of Afghanistan have faced economic challenges and demand the lifting of sanctions imposed by the United States and the international community to improve their economy. “Measures should be taken to close Afghanistan to other countries and this organization (the United Nations) should build trust. Unfortunately, so far, instead of positive steps, negative steps have been taken by the other side, which is regrettable, and the rights of the people of Afghanistan are being wasted,” Mujahid said. In addition to economic sanctions, there are also political sanctions that the Islamic Emirate is grappling with. The presence of some officials of the Islamic Emirate on the United Nations Security Council’s blacklist, the non-transfer of Afghanistan’s seat in the United Nations to a representative of the Islamic Emirate, the freezing of Afghanistan’s assets reserves, banking sanctions, and the travel ban on some senior officials of the Islamic Emirate are severe sanctions that the Islamic Emirate seeks to be lifted by the international community against the caretaker government of Afghanistan. The global community has repeatedly cited violations of human rights laws, especially the rights of women and ethnic minorities by the rulers of Afghanistan, as the reason for increasing pressures and sanctions on the Islamic Emirate. It has emphasized that until the government of Afghanistan fulfills its international commitments, these sanctions will not be lifted. However, the Islamic Emirate has consistently emphasized that it safeguards the rights of its citizens within the framework of Islamic law and has not violated the rights of ethnic and religious minorities. Zabihullah Mujahid has responded to accusations and claims from global communities, stating that the Islamic Emirate is committed to its obligations and has addressed human rights issues, women’s rights, and the rights of ethnic and religious minorities based on the sharia law. Despite the Islamic Emirate effectively fostering positive relationships and cooperation with numerous nations during the last two years, there has been a reluctance among countries to acknowledge the interim government of Afghanistan formally. Mashal Noori

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Azhar November 18, 2023 at 7:16 am

Afg gov should ask thr UN yo visit the country and see the truth with their own eyes

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