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Sanctions delay efforts to ‘address humanitarian crisis’

The Islamic Emirate has frequently said it had fulfilled all commitments
made in Doha peace agreement. All human rights, including the rights of women and girls, are maintained in line with the Islamic sharia law and efforts are underway to completely eliminate illegal armed groups and fight drugs until it is uprooted nationwide. As the IEA Deputy Prime Minister on Political Affairs said, the issue of women works and girls’ education was under discussion and the delay on girls’ education has only been related to a proper curriculum in line with the sharia law. The issue is expected to be taken with the religious scholars after the related committee provides the curriculum. As the IEA acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi said, efforts by the U.S. to continue imposing sanction and keep continue banking restrictions, is the primary cause of the ongoing economic crisis that can delay efforts to address humanitarian challenges in the war-affected nation.
No government can go ahead and develop unless to work with neighboring, regional and ultimately with the whole world countries; Afghanistan under the Islamic Emirate or any other countries are not exceptional.
The Islamic Emirate wants a good and fair engagement with the world to refurbish what were ruined during the past incompetent regimes and have the country’s economic infrastructure renovated and most importantly to better work for the nation that suffered long from conflict and poverty.
After more than two decades of rampant corruption, emptied treasury, and millions of drug addicts, the Afghan nation has now found an opportunity to live in real peace and firm security and there is a need for embarking on rapprochement between the IEA and the world.
Since the resumption of power nearly two years ago, the Islamic Emirate has taken steps the possibility of a renewed civil war, has come to an end, as the concerns of the Afghans are met by declaring general amnesty and adopting brotherhood under the Islamic system. Over the last more than 20 years, this is the first time that Afghanistan is being administered by an independent, powerful, united, central and responsible government, as the country’s Foreign Minister said. Efforts by the Islamic Emirate are made to disentangle the country from crippling reliance on foreign aids. Likewise, the Islamic Emirate has dispatched diplomats to 14 countries and the diplomats nominated by the Islamic Emirate, resumed work in coordination
with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, endeavoring to take charge of more diplomatic missions abroad.
In parts of its op-ed, the IEA Foreign Minister said: “We also understand that the globalized nature of modern relations means that all state actors must learn to live in harmony and peace with one another,” he said. “Such relations should be founded on the immutable principles of equality, mutual respect and cooperation through the pursuit of shared interests. Bearing this in mind, the current government of Afghanistan once again extends its hand of positive engagement to the world.” So, there is no reason for the continuation of pressures from the international community on the Islamic system, as the move would further strengthen
the challenges ahead of the government to do more for the nation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.