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#SanctionPakistan trends as Afghans demand sanctions against Pakistan for supporting Taliban

#SanctionPakistan is among the top trending hashtags on Twitter as Afghans have taken to the microblogging website to demand sanctions against Pakistan for its incriminating role of facilitating and enabling the Taliban.

The hashtag is being trended amidst an intensifying Talibani offensive that threatens to subvert the democratic institutions in the country and plunge Afghanistan once again into the abyss of tyranny and fundamentalism.

Scores of Afghan social media users have started trending #SanctionPakistan to draw the world’s attention towards Pakistan’s involvement in supporting and fortifying Taliban.

Afghans trend #SanctionPakistan amidst intensifying Talibani offensive

A Kabul-based journalist urged people to raise their voice against Pakistan and call out their support to terrorism in Afghanistan.

Another social media user tweeted that 96 per cent explosives used in IEDs in Afghanistan come from Pakistan. While the claim cannot be independently verified, it is yet another indicator of public perception of Pakistan among Afghan nationals.

Yet another social media user while using #SanctionPakistan said that Taliban is Pakistan’s death squad, designed to destroy peace in the region.

One Twitter user succinctly articulated the cause of ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. He said the main cause of devastation in Afghanistan is Pakistan.

Not just online supporters, but Afghans also came out in streets in various places across the world to mark their protest against Pakistani support to Taliban. Afghans in Sweden demonstrated on streets, calling on the United Nations to impose sanctions on Pakistan for their direct involvement in inciting a war in Afghanistan.

Canadian diplomat Chris Alexander also lent his support to Afghanistan and called on the United Nations to impose sanctions on Pakistan.

“Pakistan’s invasion of Afghanistan constitutes an armed attack & act of aggression under Chapter VII of the UN Charter,” Chris Alexander tweeted.

Pakistan continues to remain safe haven for Talibani terrorists

As crisis in Afghanistan exacerbates, many political analysts and observers have ascribed the resurgence of Taliban to neighbouring Pakistan, whom they claimed have stake in keeping the pot boiling in Afghanistan.

As such, evidence has also revealed Pakistani support for the rise of Taliban. Various reports have highlighted that Talibani terrorists are treated with kid gloves in Pakistan.

The Afghan envoy to the UN recently alleged  that Pakistan and its Army provide a safe haven to the terrorists and their affiliates. It not only trains terrorists, provides them with weapons and ammunition, but also tends to the injured Talibani terrorists in Army hospitals, the envoy said.

The Pakistani PM Imran Khan has also been known to have a soft spot for the Taliban. He is also been called as Taliban Khan. Pakistani leadership has also met senior leaders of Taliban and have made glowing remarks for the terror organisation.


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