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Salaries modification draft yet to be finalized

By: Shukria Kohistani

The Ministry of Finance provided the draft for the pay-scale and salaries modification for the government civil servants, which was approved by the cabinet in late 1399 solar year, is yet to be finalized.
The ministry in cooperation with the Independent Administrative Reforms and Civil Services Commission (IARCS), might have finalized the draft, but nothing tangible had been still done in this regard, leaving the government employees in uncertainty.
A fair pay-scale framework and grade reforms were the main objective of the ministry of finance to help the civil servants with lower wages rescued from harsh poverty all over the government administrations, but the ministry has only implemented it within its own led administration, after the cabinet ministers approved it in 1399 solar year.
The drat, after approval, covered the entire officials and personnel of the ministry of finance, from the lowest positions of 6th to the higher ones of 4th, but no other administrations still enjoyed such a wages expected to become common in the government administrative.
In addition, the pay-scale, considered by the ministry would provide a labor market based payments and keeping duties with financial stability and paying it from inside the budget.
A civil servant of five position, on condition of anonymity told The Kabul Times that she is the mother of five underage children two of them school students, and receive only 8,000 afs per month as salary.
She said was waiting for the pay-scale implementation in the ministry, she was working, but no good news she heard about.
“I don’t know what to do with so much insufficient salary. It doesn’t meet my daily requirements,” she added.
According to Shamrooz Khan Masjedi, the leadership committee has received no implementation plan from the technical committee of the ministry.
The spokesman said the plan would be implemented after receiving permission from the technical committee.
The result of the salary scale is yet to be cleared; either it could be implemented or re-amended by the related organs.
The public administration reform in general and civil service pay reforms in particular, are reportedly ‘considered to be the major moves to tackle corruption and build a sound and transparent civil service that is accountable to the public.’
The Government of Afghanistan is in the process of undertaking series of public administration reform (PAR) programs including the implementation of newly approved Pay and Grade (P&G) reform, but the result for is still unclear and nothing had been still implemented to make the issue clear that the ministry’s fair pay-scale decision is implemented all over the government administrations. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.