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Safeguarding value of jihad: Upholding virtue, dignity

Piety and purity grant Jihad acceptance and beauty and also safeguard the value of Jihad, and bestow superiority upon Mujahidin against Allah after Jihad is completed. The Mujahidin are expected to adhere to piety and purity in the workplace or while serving the same as they had in the stronghold of Jihad. They must engage in actions that lead to the satisfaction of Allah and the approval of both Muslims and humanity. The Mujahidin were engaged in bullets and death in the intense fortresses of Jihad, which led them to consider piety and purity highly and make an effort to surpass other Mujahid in the Jihad and other goodwill actions. However, when an individual, after engaging in Jihad and armed conflicts, enters the softer and warmer domain of their professional life, they may succumb to comfort and laziness. The challenging days of Jihad and the companionship of fellow jihadists may become easily forgotten. This matter is hazardous since it drags humans from the highest standing or the lofty steps to the lowest and retakes all the superi orities and blessings Allah has awarded them. Therefore, we have to resort to piety and purity and should fear Allah either in the intense fortress or in the workplace. The Mujahidin of Afghanistan are in the post-Jihad phase and are predominantly serving their country and people in various work offices.; thus, they are required to consider piety and purity and safeguard the martyrdom, value, and achievements of Jihad with sincerity and honesty as the goal and objective of Jihad is the establishment of Islamic government, tranquility of Muslims, and development of Muslim lands. If the mujahidin do not consider piety, purity, and justice, truly, the reward and achievements of their Jihad will be wasted, and their struggle and sacrifice will not be immune to becoming an example of that. Prominent instances are the jihadist leaders who, after fighting against the Soviet Union, succumbed to their own interests, forsaking piety, purity, and justice and aligning with the materialistic interests and interventions of invading countries, particularly America. Today, Mujahidin should take lessons from the mujahidin of the past. To safeguard Jihad and its values, they must continually demonstrate courage and integrity. They should distance themselves from the forbidden evils, corruption, luxuries, forgetting the pure blood of martyrs, indulgence, and extravagance. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan must take comprehensive and constructive programs to preserve the values of Jihad. From the achievements in Jihad to the biographies of the mujahidin, memorials of the martyrs, acts of bravery, accomplishments, deadly blows against enemies, conquests and victories, and ultimately the shameful retreat and defeat of occupiers, all should be documented in history and protected in a secure center. This way, future generations can learn from this fantastic school, familiarize themselves with Jihad and its values, and understand the legacies of the mujahidin. They should recognize the history of their predecessors in defending Islam and safeguarding the homeland as part of their historical honors. Mustafa

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.