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Safe environment, shelters; basic needs of Afghan citizens

It is clear that everyone needs a shelter and a suitable environment in accordance to their situation, but the human being, who is a wise, obliged and committed creature, surely finds his/her life complicated and dependent to creativity and innovation. This is the reason that from the point of view of the holy Sharia, proper shelter is included in the main needs of human beings. But despite this, the rulers of our country have not paid enough attention to the most important and key issue for centuries. This is while the current more than 40 million Afghans own hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of land. The truth is that very little work was done in the field of land distribution and construction in our country. For example, a few streams were constructed and a few square meters of land have been distributed to the people while the remaining; the government-owned or some arid lands had been given to the people for building houses, markets and industrial parks, but generally, nothing tangible had been made in the field of shelters provision for most of the country’s citizens. Therefore, the problem of housing and building shelter for the people generally remains in place. Because, it is obvious that the rate of population increase in our country, is going very high and the growth is going very fast. Naturally, the need for residential houses is also increasing day by day and on the other hand, the process of returning Afghan refugees to the country, has also accelerated. Most of their families do not have even a small place to stay. Based on these reasons, it can be said that the leaders of the Islamic Emirate have the obligation to provide suitable residences to their citizens and it is necessary to prepare a suitable strategy for the problem of their subjects. This is to be noted that the distribution of land, for residential units, to the citizens, also helps the process of resettlement in the country and when people of densely populated cities are given [for example] one acre of land, it is obvious that every family can have several houses, as well as few trees for fruit and fuel, some space for the protection of domestic animals and some for the plantation of some necessary vegetable. In this way, a part of each family will be able to solve their economic problems and be self-sufficient in terms of some basic needs. Of course, we all know that in terms of land development and distribution, the first step is to dig freshwater canals and distribute the surrounding land to the people. There are also some needs that can be done in the arid lands, such as markets, factories and houses, because it is necessary for the government to select suitable policies for all types of land and take necessary measures, but either maintain that the power and authority to distribute lands is the sole authority of the government and the obligation of the relevant officials.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.