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Russia’s motives, goals behind ties with IEA


Russia is one of the countries in the world that plays a significant role in military, political, economic, and other issues. It can be called the center of the Union of Soviet, which the Russians consider the attack on Afghanistan as a black mark in their history. However, for Afghans who gave millions of martyrs, wounded, and displaced in a decade, it is considered a golden page in history. During the 20 years, Russia tried to distance itself from NATO, and the Americans, former military and political rivals of Russia would not get involved. However, the Russians, who were burning from the aid to the mujahideen by America, tried to have covert interaction and relations with the ruling government, as the Islamic Emirate’s goal was to expel the Americans and NATO. Russia aimed to take revenge on America, so it strengthened its covert and overt relations with the Islamic Emirate by passing each day. Now the main question is what is the purpose of the latest statement by Russian leaders, and does it pave the way for recognizing the Islamic Emirate in Central Asia, or does Putin’s latest announcement, made in the capital of Uzbekistan, predict several things? Russia’s decision to establish ties with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan could be influenced by various factors: 1. Geopolitical interests: Russia may see an opportunity to expand its influence in the region by engaging with the ruling power in Afghanistan. This could help Russia maintain a foothold in Central Asia and counterbalance the influence of other regional powers, such as China and America. President Putin, with his statements to the Central Asian countries, especially those under Russian influence and who have various political, military, and economic agreements with Russia, showed a green light to engage in official interactions with the Islamic Emirate. For this reason, the President of Kazakhstan announced in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that they would remove the Islamic Emirate from the list of terrorist groups. 2. Security concerns: Russia may view the stability of Afghanistan as crucial for its own security interests, particularly regarding the threat of terrorism and extremism emanating from the region. Establishing ties with the Afghan government could allow Russia to cooperate on counterterrorism efforts and prevent the spread of instability across its borders. The Russians believe that the leaders of the Islamic Emirate are not influenced by any of the Western countries. Therefore, this would be a good opportunity for Russia to interact with the Islamic Emirate as they share a common goal against the West. After the war in Ukraine, where almost the entire Western world stood behind Ukraine, the Russians are trying to divide the world into two Eastern and Western poles. Therefore, establishing mutually beneficial relations between the region and neighboring countries, including Afghanistan, is crucial for Russia to achieve these important goals. 3. Economic interests: Afghanistan’s strategic location and natural resources could present economic opportunities for Russia, such as energy projects or trade routes. By establishing diplomatic relations, Russia may seek to explore and exploit these economic prospects. Russia has attempted to establish a close political-economic relationship with India through Afghanistan, and these relations will undoubtedly be through Afghanistan. 4. Humanitarian considerations: Russia may also be motivated by humanitarian concerns, such as providing aid and assistance to the Afghan people and contributing to reconstruction and development efforts in the country. Overall, Russia’s decision to have ties with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan likely stems from a combination of geopolitical, security, economic, and humanitarian factors, as it seeks to protect its interests and influence in the region. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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