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Russia’s consulate work resumption in Afghanistan helps strengthen bilateral ties

KABUL: Russia’s move to reopen its consulate general in the country’s northern Balkh province, once indicates that the regional countries are gradually understanding the optimism of the Islamic Emirate, in its efforts for effective engagement with the world. According to Russia President’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, the other day, his country’s general consulate based in Afghanistan has already been operating and providing services, with Alex Pereverzev as appointed as Consul General.  Powerful and self-reliant nations, such as Russia, can make their decisions on their own. They never want to be waiting for others to give them permission or at least make decisions for their own country and never allow others to make their policy of their internal or external affairs.

Security incidents happen in any country, but the Islamic Emirate security and defense forces are capable of thwarting any malicious activities to ensure the security of foreign countries’ diplomatic missions, anywhere in Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate Foreign Ministry has earlier confirmed that a few months ago, Russian consular technical groups came to Afghanistan to provide consular services. “According to our information, the technical teams of this consulate have come a few months ago to prepare the grounds for consular services again and to continue technical operations,” according to Zia Ahmad Takal, deputy spokesman of the country’s Foreign Ministry. In the past few months, Russia closed its consulate general, suspended its services and evacuated its diplomats in Mazar-i- Sharif, as it said the decision had been made due to some insecurity happened in the key northern Balkh province. The Islamic Emirate would spare no effort to ensure the security of all countries’diplomatic missions in Afghanistan, particularly those with close ties with the incumbent Islamic system in the fields of trade, transportation and other relations. In the country’s capital Kabul, after an attack on the Russian embassy, the consulate was closed, but the vicious incident by spiteful and hatred destructive rebels could not deteriorate relations with Russia. S. Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.