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Russian Ulama delegation’s visit to Kabul, positive outcomes

A delegation of Russian Muslim clerics called on Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs Mawlavi Abdul Kabir here in Kabul. In the meeting, Russia’s international head of mosques and Imam of Saboor Mosque in Moscow, Mawlavi Shaikh Zalikhayov Ahmad Magmidovich, expressed his happiness over the Islamic Emirate takeover and conveyed the best wishes and greetings of the Muslims of Russia to the deputy prime minister for political affairs. He said the visit of the Muslim scholar of Russia to Afghanistan is aimed at developing relations between Russia and Afghanistan, adding 20 million Muslims live in Russia and the relations between the Muslims of the two countries would strengthen with the visits of each other. The members of the delegation expressed their happiness over the restoration of peace to Afghanistan following more than 40-year-long war in Afghanistan. “Continuation of the current peaceful situation and wise governance of the Islamic Emirate will eventually lead to international recognition of the IEA officially,” Mohammad Bashir, deputy head of Russia’s international Islamic Culture. He said the visits of the Muslim clerics will help promote interaction between Russia and Afghanistan. The Deputy Prime Minister welcomed the delegation and said that the Islamic Emirate hoped their arrival leads to the development of trade relations between Afghanistan and Russia and to present the real picture of Afghanistan to Russia and the world. He urged Russia not to restrict to diplomatic relations and formally recognize the Islamic Emirate with their partner countries. He also urged Russia to officially recognize the Islamic Emirate with its partner countries in addition to the resumption of diplomatic missions. “We assure Russia that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used against anyone,” he added. Russia has good relations with Afghanistan and numerous officials, traders and intellectuals visited Afghanistan after the Islamic Emirate came into power. It is worth mentioning that ulama delegations from different countries of the world including Arab and African countries also visited Afghanistan recently. Visiting of ulamas and scholars of various countries to Afghanistan is considered as step forwards to the recognition of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the Islamic world. With visiting the Russian Muslim clerics in Afghanistan, the relations between Afghanistan and Russia will further improve and strengthen and pave the way for official recognition of the IEA by the Russia. Mohammad Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.