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Russia, US should reach agreement on Afghan peace process

Simultaneously with the US special envoy for Afghan peace visit to Russia, a number of experts said that the regional countries should cooperate with Afghanistan on peace talks and also the US should reach an agreement with them.
They added the regional countries should not compete with each other on peace negotiations in Afghanistan, because, this process should be led and owned by own Afghans.
Calling US special envoy for Afghan peace Zalmai Khalilzad’s visit to Russia a positive step towards Afghanistan peace progresses, they added if the U.S. and Russia reach an agreement, this would be effective in peace talks.
Afghanistan is among those countries where have always been invaded by foreign countries, an action caused that the government’s peace efforts to be followed with no result, an international relations expert, Akram Andishmand said.
The interests on Afghan peace process have been enhanced worldwide, as recently, many countries have shown willingness to be involved in Afghan peace negotiations, he added.
Recently, the US wants to be directly involved in Afghan peace talks, besides, Russia as a powerful country in the region is making effort to cooperate with Afghanistan in this regard, he went on to say.
The Afghans expect that the US and Russia to reach an agreement in order the peace process to be successfully accomplished, otherwise, the competitions between the powerful countries would continue and as always, Afghan people would be sacrificed, he continued.
Khalilzad has recently met with a number of Russian officials, however, it is still unclear what they have discussed about, but the political experts say that Russia and U.S. interests on Afghan peace talks are in contrary with each other.
Pointing at Khalilzad’s visit to Russia, a political expert Amir Mohammad said that the US has now realized that Russia’s role is key to ensure peace in Afghanistan, thus, he would have talked with Russian officials about Afghan peace process. The presidential office welcomes any move on Afghan peace process.
Welcoming Khalilzad’s visit to Russia and a number of regional countries, deputy spokesperson to the president said, “Discussions on Afghan peace process have been predicted in our peace roadmap, because, the more domestic consensus is needed the more different countries’ consensus is needed for peace process.”
Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) says that the U.S. and Russia can play key role on Afghan peace dialogue.
This is while many meetings have so far been held on Afghan peace process, but the insurgent groups are expected to understand that war is not the solution and they should accept government’s peace voice.
Suraya Raiszada

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