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Russia taking wise step about Islamic Emirate

Understanding realities in Afghanistan, under the Islamic Emirate, Russia has long supported the achievements of the incumbent Islamic system. It has recently said that it no longer wants to have the name of the ‘Taliban’ [the Islamic Emirate] officials on the terrorist list. A proposal was presented by the Russian Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs to President Vladimir Putin to potentially remove the name of the Islamic Emirate officials from the list of ‘designated terrorist groups.’ A report released by TASS news agency quoted Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s special representative for Afghanistan, as saying that many government institutions in his country have supported the decision made by the two key ministries. This is clear that Russia is a military power and its decision to remove the names of senior members of the Islamic Emirate from the blacklist list, will have a positive impact on relations between the two countries, because, Russia, as the Islamic Emirate, welcomed its decision, if implement its decision about Afghanistan, the move would help trust increase between the two countries. Indeed, if Russia wants to remove the Islamic Emirate’s members from the blacklist, this will bring Russia closer to the incumbent government and would encourage other world countries to recognize the Islamic Emirate as the main rulers of the country. As Russia is stepping up towards a strong plan in the interest of Afghanistan with the Islamic Emirate leadership, then this is very important for the ruling Islamic system to further soften relations with the world nations to pave a wider environment towards the country’s recognition. Likewise, other nations, considering the realities of Afghanistan, under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate, should do the same and widen relations with the Islamic Emirate.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.