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Russia starts evacuating its citizens from Gaza

The evacuation of Russian nationals from the Gaza Strip has begun and more than 60 Russian passport holders have crossed into Egypt, Russia’s emergencies ministry said on Sunday. A limited evacuation, which began on Nov. 1, of foreign passport holders and Palestinians needing urgent medical treatment, to Egypt has faced difficulties. It was paused several times in the past week due to bombardments that aid staff said hit or targeted medical convoys. “At the moment, citizens of the Russian Federation who wish to leave the conflict zone are crossing the checkpoint,” Russia’s emergencies ministry said. “Russian Emergency Situations Ministry specialists are providing medical and psychological assistance to the people on site, and providing them with food and water,” it said. It said that Russian citizens will be transferred to Cairo and will be assisted with necessary paperwork. The ministry didn’t say, how many Russian citizens are expected to leave Gaza. According to Russian media, some 1,000 Russians and nationals from the republics of the former Soviet Union have expressed a wish to leave Gaza. Alarabiya

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.