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Roots of violence against women in Afghanistan

Woman being kidnapped and abused

In the course of history of Afghanistan violence against women is one of facts and bitter realities and non-indulgent that is existed always and in some cases is changed into a family tradition.
It is seen mostly that during hearing of women problems and challenges faced by her, the men regard it as a shame and easily the same remained unheard. This causes the head-band of family slowly descending and finally causes a crisis. Love and sentiments replace by violence and cruelty.
The first members who taste the bitter flavor of this behave are the offsprings of the family that instead of happiness and kindness, they face with grim faces of parents.
Violence against women has historical roots in Afghanistan and in the course of various changes of the country appeared in various figures.
Within recent one hundred years, the situation, social and legal position enjoying from much ups and downs that had their own impacts in their political destiny.
With taking the throne by Amanullah Khan, in 1919 the advocate king of revival of Afghanistan constitution in Loya Jirga of Paghman, he allotted some articles of constitution to social women freedom and rights.
Premature marriages, having multi-husband and expansion of foreign languages and compulsory education of women were mentioned in it.
Some articles of constitution were impressed by world approach and the west consideration that had no harmony with the situation ruling in Afghanistan in that time.
So, these reformation faced with serious reaction of spiritual figures of Afghanistan that had much influence in the society of this country.
Acceptance of forbidding of multi-husbands was in contradiction with the instruction of holy Quran as well as learning of foreign languages was unacceptable by religious scholars.
Finally, as a result of their measures, Amanullah Khan was forced to cancellation and adjustment of these two articles and learning of religious teachings prioritized over learning of foreign languages.
King Amanullah began removal of veil from his lady and following it, he proclaimed that after this, the women have no right to enter into bazaar and society along with veil and female also should dressed with uniform and instead of giving salutation, they should take their hats from their heads.
Amanullah Khan failed to execute his new laws and he only did to reconcile his reformation with traditional society of the then Afghanistan.
The measures adopted by Amanullah Khan in connection with social situation of women were exaggerated and had no considerable achievement behind.
The religious scholars stood against reformation of Amanullah Khan and the formers also didn’t definite the social and legal position of women from Islamic point of view.
Islamic behave with women in Afghanistan is always stylistic, extremist and stems from definition and wrong off-take from religious jurisprudence.
Illegal fanaticisms were imposed on them and rule of Taliban spured more the oppression of women in Afghanistan and the latters deprived from all their civil, social and political rights.
The doors of seminaries and schools were closed before women and they changed into internal guardians of their families.
After collapse of Talban regime and establishment of democratic system in the country, the definition of social life of women was the issue that should be executed seriously.
Adopting of measures in this connection placing the condition comparing the past to positive change.
Referring of girls to schools and universities, creation of educational programs for giving awareness to women about their rights and law of non violence against women created some optimism in the connection.
One of the measures adopted during the rule of Hamid Karzai in regard with social stance of women was ratification of convention for removal of all forms of discriminations against women that realization of its provision is one of important goals of ministry of women affairs.
The important achievement in the connection is ratification of law of non violence against women that based on 79th article of constitution of Afghanistan and no.16th resolution of council of ministers of Afghanistan is ratified by the then president in 4 chapters and 44 articles.
In 2013, this law sent to parliament for approval that some of its articles were belong to the removal of compulsory marriages and children situation.
As the violence against women has its roots in our traditions that have wrong off takes from religious teachings, compilation of its legal articles had their own problems and regarded in contradiction with ground reality of the society.
Creation of every kind of law of forbidding of violence against women should be in accord with religious jurisprudence.
Anyway, removal of every kind of violence against women as the verses of holy Quran and Islamic narrations confirm is necessary.
The issue of divorce and its daily increasing, forces thousands of children to problems such as deprivation from literacy and in long run this causes the process of human resources be threatened and led the society into a non haltering crisis.
The events occurred within recent years such as stonning, Kangaroo courts, beatings, compulsory marriages and rape in Afghanistan displayed barbaric picture against women.
Unfortunately, the thought of extremism and petrified still existed before social life of women that wants serious fighting in the connection.
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