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Role of women should be frank in peace talks: Afghan women

By: Shukria Kohistani

In their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter, a number of Afghan women asked the Taliban to provide clear answer on the role of Afghan women in upcoming round of peace talks and observe women rights.
Sharifa a government employee said, although so far, Taliban have held several talks on peace with a number of Afghan political parties and representative of regional countries but unfortunately the women rights have not been frankly discussed by Taliban.
Jamila a student said, we support a peace process in which the women rights is respected otherwise a peace without observing women rights is meaningless. At present education and employment opportunities are available to women in this government. Girls attend school, educated women have been employed in departments and women presence is flourishing beside men. Women never want to return to the dark past in which they were restricted inside homes and were deprived of all their basic rights.
Despite of launching of awareness giving programs, the women rights activists have not received a convincing response on this issue. The Afghan women want their presence to be unfading in peace process.
Over 70 women rights activists from different provinces have gathered in Bamyan province to find a solution for increase of women role in peace process. This program was held by “UN Women” or competitive program for practical and applicable ideas in peace process.
Talking on this program, the incharge of UN-women in Afghanistan Alta Miller said, our main goal and that of our partner organization is to improve women role in peace talks process and provide further opportunities. We want to find a proper solution to include women from 34 provinces from remote areas of Afghanistan in peace process.
75 women rights activists from 27 provinces worked four days to make a software and find a solution to provide an opportunity for women to take their voice to peace process negotiators. The participants were divided into 12 teams, each team design a software and submit to arbitration body. After the assessment of the design, the arbitration body releases the winner team.
Talking on her software, Lida Sherzad a participant from Kunduz said, our application is including four category of women. This classification include illiterate women who lack access to Hoshmand phones, literate women with Hoshmand phones, literate women with no access to internet, and Hoshmand phones and civil activities and these individuals can easily record their voices and send their messages.
Being concerned on fading role of women in peace talks the participants of the program said, an applicable solution must be found to increase women presence in this process so the women could exploit their rights.
Deputy MoWA Nabila Mosleh said, so far the women presence and role have not been remarkable in peace process therefore the Afghan women are strongly concerned for elimination of their 18 years achievements.
This program was held with the participation of women rights activists and software experts. According to coordinators, after selection of better solution and software the “UN-Women” would technically and financially support the winner design as it would be implemented practically throughout the country.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.