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Role of women in strengthening economy

Women play an important role in human society. Afghanistan is one of the Asian countries that has been seriously affected by war over the last forty years in all aspects of life and heavily affected women’s economic activities.
The economic activities of Afghan women have not grown significantly, as wicked traditions laid negative impact on their works.
Afghan women are now struggling with the challenges and want to support from both the Islamic Emirate’s related organs as well as the international institutions to help them strengthen the country’s economy.
Rabia, a resident of Kabul city says, she supports her family through sewing and embroidery works.
She said that she lost her husband last year due to the corona virus pandemic and now she is responsible to feed her 3 orphan children.
She wants her children to get education to be able to serve the society in the future.
Institutions working in the field of women’s economic activities consider their part vital in economic sector.
According to women’s rights activists, as much as women are provided more opportunities, they will contribute more in the economic sector of society.
Shamsia Rahim, another citizen says that by providing education for women let them get in the labor market and participate in economic activities.
According to her, the education of women in Afghanistan is closely related to their economic activities and that they will not achieve economic independence until they are educated.
If women become more educated and their education becomes compulsory, their participation in economic activities will increase.
Economic experts believe that women’s economic development helps reduce poverty and social violence.
Although peace has been restored in Afghanistan after decades of war, there is an urgent need to find market for women’s products, and should be encouraged to do business and provide work opportunities for women. Women can play active role in business activities, as Hazrat-e-Be Be Khadijah (PBUH) was a businesswoman at the beginning of Islam and was a model for women in the growth of business. On the other, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is encouraging women to get involved in business and improve their economy and the economy of their country, under the Islamic teachings.
Also, women are now asking for small loans to run their business successfully.
Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.