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Returning occupied territories, recognizing Palestine’s independence, the only way to end violence

Gaza in blood as Israel regime forces take revenge from civilians after Palestinians’ successful attacks

Frustrated with long brutal and violent attacks by the Zionist regime forces against the deprived and innocent Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, hundreds of freedom fighters of the Hamas movement, along with other Palestinians launched attacks from air and ground into the Israeli territory killing tens and injuring hundreds of others on Saturday. To ask for the return of their occupied territory and respond to the fierce attack and torture of the regime forces, the Muslim Palestinian devotees joined the Hamas Islamic movement to strongly punish the occupants. Resorting to war is the only option for liberating their occupied territories after the UN and the stakeholder countries failed to address the decade-long land dispute through diplomatic channels. The successful surprise operation which left more than 250 occupant forces dead and tens of others wounded, is the deadliest violence in Israel since the Yom Kippur war between Israel and its neighboring Arab countries in October, 1973. However the holy war also left more than 230 Palestinian Mujahedeen martyred and hundreds of others injured after the Israeli regime responded with one of its most devastating days of retaliatory strikes in the Gaza Strip. The regime’s bloodthirsty forces, as usual, launched waves of indiscriminate strikes on the Gaza strip, where the victims were only women, children and orderly. The Palestinians whose rights have now been ignored, have no choice for the return of their territories and putting an end to the daily murder of innocent civilians, except risking their lives to spread war to other parts of the occupied territories, where Gazans have lived under the Israeli blockade for up to 16 years and the holy al-Aqsa Mosque, around which, the Zionist regime forces patrol day and night. This is a clear fact that many Palestinians, in their own soil, have been living in refugee camps for seven and a half decades, but, their rights refused to be recognized. If the International community, particularly the U.S. and other stakeholder powers wants a lasting end to violence in Palestine and Israel and really wants the dispute to be ended and civilians of the two countries to live peacefully, they should impose pressure on the Israel regime to return the occupied territories of the Palestinians, recognize the Palestine as an independent country and resort to a good bilateral relations and neighborhood. Also, Islamic countries, including the Arab nations, particularly Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran should enter a joint and honest dialogue over the rights of the Palestinian people and stop interference in the internal affairs of the warring sides-but help them resolve their problems via diplomatic channels, otherwise, war will intensify further than before and fuel further conflicts that would lead to instability of the region.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.