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Retaking lost territories, a must

Nowadays, once again murmurs are heard on resumption of peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban. The US Special Representative for Afghanistan Peace process Zalmay Khalilzad has resumed his regional visits and arrived in Qatar as he has said that was trying to end the long suffering of Afghans. Khalilzad had met the government negotiating delegation in Doha as well.
Addressing a press conference, the other day, former president Hamid Karzai said that he was optimistic about the peace process in the country. According to Karzai, peace talks would be resumed soon, however flames of war can be seen in every corner of the country and Taliban have occupied further areas and are trying to take the power through violence and with the support of other terror networks.
In previous rounds of talks, Taliban shown no sincerity and failed to create this believe that they are in favor of peace and ending of war. Upon troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, Taliban increased their concentration on expansion of geography under their control and occupation of more villages and districts.
They even have attacked provincial capitals of Badghis, Ghazni, Takhar and Baghlan. Comparing to the last two or three months, Taliban have occupied more geography and this issue has given a false believe to Taliban that as if they can manage to take over the whole power in Afghanistan through war and resorting to violence.
Therefore, Taliban might again not enter real and constructive negotiations and would waste the time with offering impractical conditions, which would only create a new deadlock in the process. If Taliban somehow show readiness for any constructive negotiation, still it won’t be on the interest of Afghan people and government, since Taliban’s violence expanded to across the country.
Meanwhile, Taliban have occupied more districts and extended geography under their control and in such a circumstance, if the talks produce result, ceasefire and subsequently sharing of power will be discussed. If ceasefire is agreed, Afghan forces cannot operate in areas that have recently been out of government control.
During discussion on power sharing, Taliban would attempt to achieve maximum concessions. They would put the areas under their control on the talks table and would request privileges accordingly. Therefore, the Afghan government should not allow such a scenario be implemented.
Prior to beginning of every talk with Taliban, the government should recapture the occupied areas and push back the Taliban militants from districts, villages, ports and strategic points and expand geography under their control. ANDSF should not procrastinate in retaking of the Taliban occupied areas even a moment, as Taliban sparing no efforts to also take control of more territory and add to the miseries of Afghan masses.
The situation in the battlefields directly impacts the talks table, therefore, the government is required to take over initiative in the battlefields. Prior to beginning of peace talks, they are needed to liberate the occupied areas and expand geography under its control. Meanwhile it’s of immense important for the Afghan people to support their forces and help protect the system and the achievements made in the last twenty years.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.