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Results of intra-Afghan dialogue in Qatar to be positive

It is determined that the second intra-Afghan dialogue is going to be held in a week in Qatar with participation of representatives of Afghanistan government, political and jihadi figures, but we should not be more optimistic over results of the meeting. US special peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad is taking firm steps to convince all sides to decide on Afghanistan future.
Taliban has also shown flexibility and agreed to participate in the meeting which is attended also by representatives of Afghanistan government, showing a good step towards peace in the country.
The meeting is seen as a significant step toward finding an end to Afghanistan’s protracted war and the withdrawal of U.S. troops.
Afghan government representatives are participating in talks as part of a larger group of prominent Afghans. The Taliban say they will speak with the government representatives but recognize them only as “ordinary” Afghans.
Whether Taliban accepts or not, representatives of Afghanistan government is participating the intra-Afghan dialogue. A question is raised that why Taliban gets ready to participate in a meeting attended also by representatives of Afghanistan government? Here, it is believed that continued efforts of US delegation as well as domestic and foreign pressures have made the warring sides get closer as all sides are insisting on ending war in Afghanistan and somehow accept presence of each other.
In the meantime, it is not clear what will be results of the upcoming intra-Afghan dialogue as intensions of the Taliban group is not clear. They say one thing in official statements but practically do something else. In fact, this makes peace talks and agreements more complicated.
The coming intra-Afghan dialogue in Qatar will be the first step, “but there will be no rain of peace after the meeting.” The government of Afghanistan, Afghan political parties as well as US delegation have recently reached comprehensive understanding in connection with an inclusive negotiating team for talks with the Taliban group.
According to High Peace Council, Afghanistan is sending a delegation to Qatar on behalf of the country’s government to exchange views with the Taliban group.
Afghanistan High Peace Council says Afghanistan is sending a delegation to exchange views with the Taliban group in Qatar.
The intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha was one of issues discussed between US special peace envoy and officials and political leaders of Afghanistan.
So far, peace talks have occurred only between US officials and the Taliban group, without the presence of Afghanistan government, an impasse that all have struggled to break.
Both US officials and representatives of the Taliban group are near an agreement on the withdrawal of US forces and on a Taliban pledge that Afghan soil would not be used by terrorist groups to attack the United States and its allies.
Lailuma Noori

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