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Restriction a must as COVID’s second variant spreading fast

Media of the country referring to comments from experts say that the infection symptoms of the COVID-19 rapidly spreading are varied in the country, comparing that of the previous form of the virus. The currently spreading wave of the disease also called British variant, for the first time appeared in Britain and then to other countries and Afghanistan through Iran and Pakistan.
The country’s Ministry of Public Health has said that over 200 cases of the mutated Covid-19 have been recorded so far. Medical experts ask the ministry to impose restriction and the people to observe the medical guidance so that they, their families and friends remain safe and avoid a human tragedy. According to experts, the new variant; although not important to have no fever or cough, shouldn’t be ignored and they likened it to a flaming fire that can affect one’s both physical and mental health. The new variant, experts said included signs in some people’s tongue as well as small sores in the mouth, something other than the symptoms of the previous one.
When one is affected in the tongue, then her/his loses ability to provide liquid to the mouth, causing dryness and stickiness, that would prevent them talk or chew food. Getting cough and fever are not important and people don’t get them, but feel heavy pain in their joints, feel weakness and lose appetite, even people don’t see any signs, but the level of mortality far higher than the previous one.
The ministry of public health has to renew restrictions countrywide, including schools, universities, public events and precisely observe social distance as the speed of the mutated disease and its infection has been said to be higher than the old variant. Using masks and avoiding crowds as well as regularly washing hands, like during the previous type of the virus, has been advised far more important than the previous wave.
In India, reports said that this variant was spreading faster and deadlier and those with weak immune system, women with pregnancy and patients of sugar, AIDS, TB and hearth diseases are feared to be the most serious victims. In addition to the Ministry of Public Health, the related organs including the municipality and the traffic departments should monitor the situation closely and control the commutations and movements of the people and the vehicles if needed. Also, the borders with some neighboring countries, especially Pakistan, should be closed and flight to India, where heavy infections and deaths are reported, should be closed temporary.
The country’s Ministry of Public Health should also provide and implement the vaccine, however it announced the vaccination process was underway in the country and was effective for all variants of the disease.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.