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Restoration of peace, stability in Afghanistan to help Pakistan, Pak army

Amid peace efforts by the government of Afghanistan and US, Pakistan army while calling US and Taliban negotiations successful said they have forced Taliban on peace talks with the US representatives in Qatar.
Recently, Pakistani army spokesperson Asef Ghafouri told journalists in Northern Waziristan that if peace and stability were restored in Afghanistan, his country’s government can target non-Afghan Taliban.
He stressed if the Taliban join peace talks, it would be good for both countries, because, if peace is restored in Afghanistan, Pakistan would focus on social and economic improvements and it can target non-Afghani Taliban.
“We are peace process facilitator and we did our job by inviting the Taliban for negotiations,” he said.
US officials have stressed that they are serious on their forces withdrawal from Afghanistan, but on a condition if peace is restored in this country.
Recently, Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mahmoud Quraishi said his country has played its role by bringing Afghanistan, US and Taliban around peace talks table.
“Now, we are making effort to improve our relations with the US,” he further said.
This is while that the Afghan government leaders have always stressed on joint regional and ultra-regional cooperation to restore peace in the country.
They have added that ensuring peace would not only be effective for Afghanistan, but also to entire regional and world countries.
A number of political experts believe that improving relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan depends on prevailing peace and stability in Afghanistan.
A political expert, Amir Mohammad says if peace is not ensured in Afghanistan, regional economic, political, social and cultural relations would not improve among the regional countries, thus, the regional countries don’t have another choice but to cooperate with Afghanistan in ensuring peace and stability.
He added in fact, Pakistan can play more effective role to ensure stability in Afghanistan, but, it has never honestly cooperated in this regard.
Another political expert Aminzoy stressed that if Pakistan plays effective role in Afghan peace talks, it will help it revive its relations with the US.
This comes as U.S. president has recently halted billions of dollars of assistances to Pakistan, adding they will pay the amount if Pakistan stops supporting terrorism.
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