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Responsibilities change over time, circumstances

The situation, struggles, and responsibilities during direct occupation and the situation and responsibilities after the end of occupation are very different from each other. During the American occupation of Afghanistan, the enemy was known who were occupiers and their agents, and the address was clear which were barracks, bases, and military centers, the goal was also defined, which was ending the occupation, the country’s independence, eliminating evil and corruption, and establishing a social justice and Islamic based government. But nowadays, responsibilities and duties are different. Identifying the enemy has become difficult, it’s invisible. There is no physical presence or address, and its identification requires intelligence, awareness, information, and insight. Political independence has been achieved, but achieving economic, technical, technological, and cultural independence, which is more difficult than political independence and requires a lot of work, motivation, capacity, and activity, has not yet been achieved. Furthermore, the corrupt organizational structures have been dismantled, but their roots have not been completely eradicated. The fight for social justice is newly born and in its initial stages. Therefore, current conditions, problems, responsibilities, and commitments strongly require new analyses, new plans, new actions, and new procedures. Today, slogans, claims, ideals, and statements, including patriotism, establishment of social justice, bringing prosperity – national development and eradication of poverty in society, are being proven and tested. Today, the tools of fighting and confronting the enemy, namely guns, tanks, mines, and ambushes, cannot heal a wound; rather, one must combat the enemy with pen, writing, education, knowledge, skill, work, and service. Achieving the great religious-national dreams and addressing the country’s major problems such as poverty, unemployment, ignorance, passivity, expecting charity from others, injustice, etc. only happens through sincere work, initiative, effort, and honest activity, requiring more than just the stage of fighting occupation but also sacrifice, effort, and activity. Resolving political, economic, social, cultural, and security issues is the duty and responsibility of both the nation and the government. It is only achievable through consultation, understanding, agreement, and tireless efforts from both sides. This vital and weighty duty is feasible, and success in this test is possible. Therefore, the government must aim for unity and interaction with the nation, remove all barriers and obstacles between the government and the nation, and create a situation in society where the government and the nation become one body and one soul. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.