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Repaired aircrafts ready for flight

Afghanistan Ministry of Defense  (MoD) says technical teams from the Air Force Command have been able to repair another Russian made aircraft and make it ready to fly. A number of Afghans have welcomed the MoD move towards repairing military aircrafts and vehicles in various military corps. Khaled Atal, a Kabul resident, told the Shariat correspondent that the work of the Ministry of Defense is commendable. “When Afghans hear the news of reconstruction and development in the country, they get happy. We are very grateful to the engineers of the Air Forces of the Ministry of Defense who are working to repair worn-out or broken military equipment such as helicopters, vehicles and other military-related equipment,” Atal said, asking the Islamic Emirate to further persuade them with rewards. Previously, the Islamic Emirate had repaired three other aircrafts wings and another three military aircrafts had been repaired and were fit to fly. Mohammad Haris, another Kabul resident, said they were supporting the country’s army and praised the country’s ministry of defense for repairing broken military equipment. “Repairing all broken military vehicles and airplanes is a good move and we’re happy and further encourage the technical teams of the MoD to go ahead with repairing the broken military equipment,” Haris added. The recent initiative of the Ministry of National Defense in connection with repairing the broken military equipment has been highly appreciated on social media by Afghans. However, the Ministry of Defense has also released a video of the flight of the repaired aircraft on its Twitter page and added that the technical team (engineers and technicians) of the Air Forces repaired and activated another  (AN-32B) Russian-type aircraft. According to the MoD the test flight has been successful.

It is worth mentioning that the country’s Ministry of Defense has recently informed of repairing over 41 different vehicles, including  (30) Humvee tanks, (6)  International vehicles and (5)  Ranger-model military vehicles in 203 Mansouri Corps. Previously, with continued efforts of the technical team and the employees of the Air Force Command of the Ministry of National Defense, three wings of other AN32_B355, AN32_B350 and AN26_350 aircraft had been repaired and were ready for flight. This comes after the IEA’s Ministry of Defense reported late last year that engineers had repaired over 30 military aircrafts that had been damaged by withdrawing U.S. troops last year.

Pamir Watanwal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.