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Reopening of all girl schools under discussion

KABUL: The Ministry of Education has recently announced that all girl schools under seven grades would be reopened countrywide. According to the announcement, the ministry, all public and private schools have been opened for both male and female students except for the girls above the sixth grade. With the start of the new academic year, the ministry said that the doors of girl schools above the sixth grade will be closed for a limited time until some reforms expected to be brought in the schooling policy of the girls. The reopening ceremony of schools was held in the presence of government officials at Amani High School in Kabul on Wednesday, the third day of 1401.
The ceremony was attended by Saeed Ahmad Shayedkhel, Deputy Minister of Administration and Human Resources of the Ministry of Education, Noorulhaq, Deputy Director General of Administrative Office of the Prime Minister, and Aziz Ahmad Rayan, Director of Publications and Communications of the Ministry of Education.
The Ministry of Education added that schools for girls above the sixth grade will be reopen after a decision is made on the girls and teachers uniforms in accordance with sharia and Afghan tradition. Although the citizens of the country expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for the reopening of schools in the new school year, they ask the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to open the doors of high schools for female students as well.
After a wide reaction on not allowing female students above grade six, the spokesperson of Ministry of Education said, we have made and sent policy to the leadership but it needed a few reforms in some parts that will be soon addressed.
Sohail Shaheen, the representative of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the United Nations, called the government’s decision temporary and said that there is no problem but a technical issue with the ban on girls from schools. He added that the relevant authorities were working on it and it is hoped that the issue will be resolved soon.
A school girl of 10 grade told The Kabul Times she hoped to see the schools reopen for the girls of all grades. “My country needed doctors and my ambition is becoming a doctor, then how can I reach my goals, when schools remained closed.
She asked the Islamic Emirate to soon finalize the issue of uniforms for girls that leads to the reopening of girl schools.
Saida Ahmadi

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