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Religious scholars deserve higher education documents

Religious scholars have been deprived of all their rights in the course of history. They have been deprived of working in government institutions, and even were accused and trailed by the then regimes’ intelligence agency. During the 20 years of occupation of the country by America and NATO forces, the country’s Ulama and religious scholars had been threatened, tortured, and thrown in jails, with some losing their lives under extreme torture and mistreatment of the prison officials and merciless executioners. However, there were some puppet and dependent so-called Mullahs who had only been working for money and to benefit from the ruling regimes. The religious scholars of the country were not given their rights to work, under the pretext of having no (or fake) education documents. Even, if any of them had documents, they were counted as not eligible, as they were blamed for holding fake or invalid certificates. During a so-called Islamic exams commission, held by the Ministry of Education, they had been purposefully made to fail in order to not be able to access jobs. Fortunately, after the return of the Islamic Emirate to power, the dark day ended and the country’s religious scholars found their real and highest positions and helped access their rights to work in various Emirati institutions after receiving their eligibility-based diplomas and certificates. As recently reported, thousands of religious scholars, through a series of entry-test processes, managed to receive their education certificates and find work in government institutions. This is a good plan and the best process to help deprived religious scholars get their education documents, but the Ministries of Education and Higher Education should consider their qualifications and talent and distribute the documents based on their eligibility. Corruption and corrupt individuals should seriously be under investigation while launching the test process across the country and the qualified Ulama should be helped enjoy their rights in both terms of receiving their documents and accessing jobs in the government institutions. Also, the Ulama and the religious scholars, should do their best to use their education and earned sciences in serving the people and the country and work hard in strengthening national unity. One of their main responsibilities is to fight foreign commonplace cultures and try their best to prevent their spread in Afghan society.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.