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Releasing further Taliban prisoners to fuel insurgency

Despite signing peace deal with the US and holding talks with the Afghan government, the Taliban have not taken any practical steps to reduce violence. Meanwhile releasing more prisoners will deteriorate the security situation in the country and lead to further casualties of Afghan combatants and non-combatants.
Addressing a press conference here in Kabul on Saturday, National Security Adviser, Hamdullah Mohib said that Taliban would never take power through war and, asking the group to follow peace path which is the only demand of Afghans.
Pointing to releasing of Taliban prisoners, NSA Mohib said that government has released five thousand of the group prisoners which didn’t help the peace rather fueled insurgency, adding that if peace agreement made with Taliban and ceasefire secured, then the prisoners would be released.
Answering a question on if Taliban control 50 percent of the Afghan soil, NSA Mohib said that the group even doesn’t have a meter of soil to bury their death bodies, and thus taking them to neighboring Pakistan.
According to Afghan security officials Taliban doesn’t have the capacity to take control of any city unless Pakistan’s ISI provide them the military support. The acting minister said that 1100 Taliban militants were killed in Kandahar’s Arghandab district which according to him was unprecedented, adding that they were on the run and thus planted mines. The acting minister also said that six new A-29 fighter jets were given to Afghan army.
Answering questions regarding sharp increase in criminal activities in the capital city, the acting minister of interior Hayatullah Hayat said that all measures are on hand to fight the rising level of crimes in Kabul.
Indeed, if the US asks the Afghan government to release Taliban’s fighters, it has to ensure a permanent ceasefire, the prisoners’ commitment not to return to the battlefields, and the disarmament of the Taliban rank and file. US and it allies failed to secure such guarantee when the Afghan government released five thousand of the group’s prisoners, as they returned back to the battlefields and increased their bloodshed campaign against Afghan nation.
Asking the Afghan government for releasing more prisoners without guaranteeing its consequences will be dangerous to security of the country and even to the whole region and the insurgents will once again spare no efforts to target the Afghan people, including soldiers and civilians.
It should be noted that the precious bloods were shed, and many efforts made in capturing those Taliban fighters and keeping them in jails. Many of those prisoners are possibly involved in martyring Afghan soldiers and civilians. There may be the most dangerous fighters among them. Therefore, releasing those fighters will be a betrayal to the families of war victims, as it was when they were released and shed hundreds of other bloods.
Indeed, Taliban are still considered terrorists as they are terrorizing and killing people. The families of war victims are unlikely to forgive the Taliban members, who are still largely involved in killing people, including students as well as women and children.
The lives of Afghan people matter, and western countries claim to be staunch supporters of human rights. Hence, the Taliban fighters should be brought to justice and must not be pardoned or released.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.