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Relations between Afghanistan and regional countries developing

Afghanistan is one of the countries that has been victimized throughout history due to its geopolitical location. In the past four decades, insecurity and instability have been widespread in the country due to regional and international interference and a weak central government in the country, which has hurt economic development and negatively affected foreign investment. With the restoration of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, security and stability have been established in Afghanistan, and the interest of foreign investment in the country has also increased, due to which domestic economic development is flourishing. The Islamic Emirate has authority over the entire territory of the country and the local authorities obey the central government, which has led to security and stability. A strong central government, security and stability concerns, reduction in opium cultivation and production, regional economic projects, and the development of relations with neighboring and regional countries are what Afghanistan considers to be the cause and achievements for interaction and developing relations with the world, in particular countries in the region. In the past two weeks, considerable progress has been made in relations between Afghanistan and some countries in the region. Chinese President Xi Jinping has received the credentials of the Islamic Emirate Ambassador to Beijing, which perhaps, be perceived as a diplomatic tradition. The reality, however, is that in doing so the Chinese government has provided tacit recognition of the Islamic Emirate as the official government of Afghanistan. Following the receipt of the credential of the Islamic Emirate ambassador by Chinese President, Afghanistan embassy in Uzbekistan has been handed over to the Islamic Emirate (IEA). The Islamic Emirate has appointed Maghfoorullah Shahab as acting ambassador to Uzbekistan. This shows that relations and engagement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with countries in the world and region are developing by passing each day. Previously, over 17 countries, including Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, China, Russia, and Qatar had accepted diplomats appointed by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Of Afghanistan’s neighbors, only Tajikistan has not handed over control of the Afghan embassy to the Islamic Emirate. Over the span of less than two and a half years since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan took charge of affairs, the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly asked for positive engagement with the world countries as it has now good relations with almost all countries in the region. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is committed and ready to engage and cooperate with all the regional and world countries by working together based on mutual interest and mutual respect. The Islamic Emirate’s policy over the last nearly two and a half years has depicted that the current Afghanistan defines its interests with the region in a winwin mechanism. The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly stated that it respects others’ interests, choices, government structures, and development models, and in return, expects others to respect Afghanistan’s interests, and governance and development choices and models. S. Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.