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Regional economic cooperation in Afghanistan interest, experts

A Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU) has been signed between Afghanistan and Belarus to bolster bilateral economic and trade ties between the two countries, while the cost of trade between the two sides has already reached to more than $40 million annually.
The MoU was signed during a ceremony attended by both countries representatives, here in Kabul.
Welcoming the move, a number of the country’s economic experts, however blaming misuse of the international aids to Afghanistan, but hoped the cooperation could be used in the construction projects and development of the country.
Meanwhile, the people of Afghanistan ask the international community not to let Afghanistan alone, but continue their cooperation to help it stand on its feet.
“By signing the MoU, relation between the two countries would expand further than ever,” said the country’s Minister of Economy.
He said the capacities needed to be analyzed well and from among them, the joint areas of cooperation which was accepted by the two sides, had to be executed within a protocol. “A good protocol has been provided to manage our economic and trade cooperation.”
The two countries have also signed three more memorandum of understandings in the fields of information and culture and military, beside those of economic and trade ones.
During the inaugural ceremony, the minister of Belarusian economy highlighted the plan of his country to expand investment in Afghanistan.
“The Republic of Belarus was planned to cooperate in the field of exporting machinery, tractor-building, agriculture and expansion of joint trade and investment with Afghanistan,” said Paul Otip In.
On the other, the country’s representatives of private sector, ask the government to pay more attention to the expansion of trade relation between the two countries.
Mohammad Younus Momand, Deputy to the Board of Directors the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries said that the protocol was in the interests of Afghanistan. “Banking transactions should have been noted in the protocols, as we have problems in banking transactions with the world,” said the official.
According to the statistics of the ministry of economy, the trade cost of Afghanistan has reached to more than $40 million annually with Belarus, the big parts of which was imports from that country.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.