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Regional aspect of Afghanistan peace process essential

The NUG has made a lot of efforts to achieve peace and create national, regional and international consensus. National and international efforts have caused Afghanistan to get close to peace more than before today. The meaning of peace that the Afghan government wants it, should be conveyed to public because today the Afghan people have changed and a new generation of men and women with higher educations are leading the country’s departments. Even low literate rurals want a peaceful and modern life. Education, sport, art, music, equal rights, dignified life, justice, freedom of speech, trible and ethnic convergence etc are the values of new Afghanistan. All these values must be part of every realistic peace process.
The peace process must not be considered as a commercial transaction between two groups or factions or be dealt secretly behind closed doors. A red line should be created on peace and national consensus. Taking into account the frequency of leaders and elites of political parties, diversity of goals and values of recent two decades are very important. The president said that the base of government work is, consensus of Afghan people and steps on peace would be based on consultation. The combination of negotiating delegation, is established based on taking into account the new conditions, consultation on creation peace consultative board consisting of representatives of political parties civil society and 34 provinces.
In his recent utterances, the US president Donald Trump has said, very serious talks are going on aimed to reach peace in Afghanistan.
Trump remarks on peace talks with Taliban indicate that the US government is strongly intending to reach an agreement with this group but still doesn’t know that whether these peace talks would conclude successfully or not?
The US president has emphasized that they are involved in very serious talks in Afghanistan that perhaps most people don’t know about it. This would be the first time that to see what would happen. If it succeeds, would be a very big thing and we would be pleased of it.
The US State Department special envoy on Afghan peace Zalmay Khalilzad has already started his regional tours and had talked several times with Taliban representatives in Doha. So far three rounds of talks have taken place between Taliban and Khalilzad in Qatar in the last three months.
Expressing sufficient on careful optimism and hopefulness to have access to a peace accord, Khalilzad has not shared further details on these talks.
Trump has said that success of these talks would cause pleasure of American and Afghan people.
Trump has said that he is waiting to see what would happen in these talks. We don’t know if this process would succeed or not? No one knows.
In their contacts with different news agencies the Taliban sources have expressed opinion on details of these meetings, including a time table on withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, release of their prisoners and withdrawals of Taliban leaders from the list of US sanctions.
It is seen that the US tries to continue peace talks. One of his most important goals is management of peace talks among the US, Afghan government and Taliban.
Shukria Kohistani

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