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Regional actors should stop meddling in Afghanistan

Addressing a group of youths and activists from the southern provinces at a gathering in the Presidential Palace on Friday evening, President Ghani reacted to reports on a plan to establish an interim government in the country as part of a peace plan and said the plan has been outlined outside the country and that it is not applicable in Afghanistan.
According to the president, Afghans were selecting the president of Afghanistanand that the neighboring countries do not hold the right to elect Afghanistan’s president. “Those who are afraid of the people are talking about an interim government. This is a foreign scheme and has been outlined outside the country and it is failed in this homeland,” he added.
Meanwhile, the Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh at a gathering on Friday raised similar issue and said countries in the region should not impose another proxy war in Afghanistan under the name of the Afghan peace and that they should play a constructive role in the process.
Long awaited Afghanistan’s peace process is focused to empower the country’s people for sustainable development by addressing the core and utmost necessity to emerge as a successful nation.
“We Want Peace!” and “No War!”- An urgency that enveloped the entire atmosphere in Afghanistan reflecting Afghan people’s quest for peace and stability. The Afghan people’s undaunted spirit is appreciable that echoes ‘the national movement will be strengthened and supported by the people in large numbers, Afghanistan has been witnessing bloodshed for over 40 years of conflict resulting in dismantling growth and prosperity. 
Afghan led Afghan Owned’ is thenational unity government’s approach for sustained peace in the war-torn country. The critical component for lasting peace depends on improving the security situation, effective law and order, economic development and curbing corruption. This could be only possible if the regional countries and those of the superpowers sincerely help the process and do not interfere in domestic Affairs.
Afghan government has time and again welcomed regional countries’ support of the peace process and their talks with the Taliban but insisted that all the process should be that of the Afghan-led and owned.
Besides Pakistan, Iran and Russia too hosted meetings with Taliban leaders, aiming to bring peace in the country, but such talks largely criticized by Afghans, saying the neighboringcountries and Russia was trying to further interfere in Afghanistan affairs and their move were deteriorating the situation on the ground rather to help speed up the process.
As per president’s remarks Afghans would never bow to any will of the foreigners and their meetings won’t bring any positive result if there would be no presence of the Afghan government.As the only legitimate system, Afghan government’s presence and words of immense important in the peace process.
Regional countries’ efforts can be useful when they are well defined and are held in harmony with efforts by Afghan government as the main major parties to the conflict. Nonetheless, contacts that can embolden and disincentive the group to come the negotiating tables goes against the stabilization needs of Afghanistan. Russia, Iran and Pakistan’s peacemaking efforts must meet Afghanistan’s needs, which include initiating negotiations, achieving a political solution, and ultimately peace, and then maintaining that peace.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.